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The Sunrise after the Night

Sunrise representing the new beginning and new hope


Strong foundation, trust and confidence if you will have it your relationship will survive

If the house has is a strong foundation its like the pillar of stone, even how strong the typhoon hit it, it remain standing. Because after the storm, after dark there is sunshine. Like the relationship if there is trust between them, you can survive how many trials you encounter they had strong.

Marianne is belong to rich family born with an existing golden spoon in front of her table while Benjamin belong to a very poor family. We describe him like the poorest among the poor. He need to work hard daily in order to survived for his living. but Marianne can't stop loving him. She continue to her love to Benjamin even though her parent against the relationship.


“Love can move mountain”. This quote is too old but still it play the big role to the life of Benjamin and Marianne. They had strong determination, admiration, inspiration and positive thinkers are all of these are applied to their life. They do prayers to God always, consult to God whatever his problems and ask guidance and protection. They loved each other from childhood classmate since elementary up to high school. Marianne only daughter of a richer family in their place. We can compare them as heaven and earth. Marianne is in heaven and Benjamin is in the earth. But, the heaven and earth fall in love with each other they meet each other in one purpose and that is to one each love.

BEFORE GRADUATION “Sweetie what is your plan after graduation?” Benjamin asked to Marianne. “My father send me to school at De La Salle University in manila for my college” and what is your plan after our graduation honey?” Marianne asked to Benjamin. I will be applying for scholarship at University of Saint La Salle (USLS).Bacolod City.” Benjamin replied. It is a good honey.” Marianne replied. It’s sad because we are far from each other” Benjamin added. Yes, its true honey but we need to sacrifice for our good future.” Marianne agree.

ON GRADUATION DAY. “Poverty is not a hindrance of anyone of us as student to continue in our next level of education which is in college. “ We need to strive more, study hard to succeed” and pray always for God’s guidance. “Thank you.” Benjamin return the microphone to the Masters of Ceremony (MC). Thank you Benjamin to your beautiful message this afternoon to your fellow graduates. While Benjamin delivered his valedictory speech. All the audience are paying attention on his message. “Wow how beautiful message speech delivered by the valedictorian student. He is very talented kid” the parent of his fellow graduates said. “We are correct that we give him an excellent grades because Benjamin is very capable and responsible student. His English teacher replied. He is the one who prepared his speech, I only made a few editing of his speech because it’s almost perfect” his teacher talked to another teacher too while they listening of Benjamin’s speech.

DAY AFTER GRADUATION. Benjamin and Marianne meet each other at the same meeting place at the beach. A beach where in the promises made and born between two of them. They promised to love forever until the end of their life. Although they were too young but they are responsible. They agreed their relationship will remain secret by their both parent until until such time they finish in their studies. The parent of Marianne want her to have a rich man boyfriend like the son of their family friend name Richard. “Sweetie I know that your parent don’t like me as your boyfriend. So, we continue and be careful so that they don’t know about us”. Benjamin said. “Yes Honey I promise, we make it secret”. Marianne replied. But there is the saying that there is no secret that will remain secret all day long. "Marianne added.“ Next month my parent send me to manila to enroll and they want me to stay until the opening of classes in June”. Marianne told to Benjamin. “Oh it’s sad but it is okay, I need to have enough load balance to make us constant communication because we are far from each other and surely I missed Sweetie”. Benjamin said.

While Marianne is in Manila to stay for studies, Benjamin apply for scholarship in University of Saint La Salle in Bacolod City, Philippines. Bacolod City is the Capital city of Negros Occidental while Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. Marianne took Bachelor of Science in Accountancy because she want a business woman someday while Benjamin course is Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He want to be a future Mechanical Engineer someday. Good luck to Benjamin because he passed for qualifying examination given by the university full academic scholarship and his studies is one hundred (100%) free.

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COLLEGE LIFE. Both Marianne and Benjamin concentrated their studies and Benjamin maintain his scholastic records from very beginning in his college. “Hello sweetie I have the good news for you. I maintain my scholastic records in this first semester of school year. My grades in school are all line of nine (9) my lowest grade is 95 and my highest grades nine (99) for all my minor and major subjects.” Benjamin talked to his girlfriend Marianne in the mobile phone. Benjamin and Marianne were happy sharing their experience in the first year in college life. Although they missed each other but they strive more to fight the sadness they felt because of their ambition to finish studies in college. The ambition to have a good future, so that they can stand their own feet independently.

TRIALS COME. One day the parent of Marianne together with Ricky the son of their family friend visit to her dormitory. “Mommy thank you for visiting me here with daddy”. Marianne said. Yes, Marianne because we have very important matter to tell you.” Mommy said. "What is that mom?" Marianne ask. By the way Marianne how’s your studies? Daddy asked. Very fine dad. Marianne answered. Marianne. Please meet Ricky, he is the son of our family friend. He stay in London for his studies.” Mommy introduced Ricky. To make the story short we want to marry Ricky. He is very nice and good guy and I think he is very compatible with you Marianne. Ricky only listening on that moment while the parent of Marianne do the arrange marriage. He don’t even interrupt the story because he like Marianne too. “Mom and Dad, I have a boyfriend already and you know his name if who is he”. Marianne tell the secret between her and Benjamin just to think that they stop if they know that she has boyfriend already but Marianne wrong. Marianne if you want to continue your studies you must to marry Ricky and if you love your boyfriend then you stop your studies. Daddy said. What Dad? Marianne shocked the opinion of her dad. Looked Marianne Benjamin is very poor. If you don’t fallow of what we want, then you must choose between two. LOVE or CAREER If you love Benjamin then stop schooling now. But if you want career then you continue you studies then get marry to Ricky, is that clear? Daddy said with long explanation. Marianne is dependent to her parent she have no choice but to fallow what is her parent want to her. Marianne and Ricky’s wedding held very soon and after wedding Ricky go back to London to continue his studies as a Doctor of Medicine and Marianne continue her studies too. All communication between Benjamin and Marianne totally cut off starting the day when Marianne get married to Ricky. She felt guilty and sky to Benjamin because she don’t have choice she cannot stand alone without help by her parent. She graduated her course and put up with her own business as what her dream before and she become a successful business woman. Marianne and Ricky marriage life were not prosper. They are not happy married together and because they are matured enough they decided to have an annulment of marriage. Then the marriage was annulled. Marianne become a single lady again. She don’t have kids.

The typhoon and trials are twin

After the typhoon the sun will shine because behind the clouds the sun is still shining. We can compare the life of the person to the weather surround us. Only we need is be strong so that we can still survived out of many trials in our life. That is the example the situation of Benjamin and Marianne. They have a strong foundation and after many trials in their life still they remain firmly standing of their own feet.

After 10 years Marianne and Benjamin meet again

Oh! It is too hot the air-conditioned of my car did functioned well? Okay good! It is timing Big B Car and Air-conditioned Repair Shop. My Car Air-condition not functioning well.” Marianne told herself. When she arrived at the repair shop, she said to the person in charge “Please check the air-conditioned of my car because not functioning well it is too hot” Marianne told the man believed that he is the Mechanic in Charge of the Shop. When the man looked at her eye to eye they were both shock and even the breath stop in a while. These two human being feel the same feeling they feel both like dreaming. Marianne after closed her eye and open again then talk “Honey it is you? I mean you are Benjamin? "Yes it is me your abandoned boyfriend Benjamin" Benjamin replied. "Because I am very poor and you exchange me to a rich man Ricky.” Benjamin said

On the next day Marianne as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of her own business, she is the one who conduct briefing to the newly hired contractual employees. It is the rule of the company that instead of the individual persons hired she talk, she transact business briefing between the company and contractor/placement agency. Marianne give instruction to her Secretary when the agency head comes inform The Agency head push the office buzzer, “Please come" Marianne said. Good morning mam! The agency head greet her. Oh! Here you are again? Why? Marianne shocking again in unexpected time. Yes, It is me again Mrs. Marianne Ablagon. Benjamin answered. Because I am the owner of Placement Agency and I am the one give me your briefing and the rules and regulations of your newly hired personnel thru Company B. The Company B stands for "Benjamin". Big B Car and Air-conditioned Repair Shop the biggest repair this place in Makati City Placement agency Company B is local and abroad it is a big placement agency in the Philippines owned by Benjamin. Correction Mr. Benjamin de los Reyes I am not Mrs. Marianne Ablagon. I am still Miss Marianne De Guzman. I am now annulled with my husband no children. We decided to file an annulment because we are not compatible with each other. We are matured enough so we can decide with our own without intervention to our both parent. Benjamin hear without emotion of what Marianne explain to him.

After many days passed Benjamin received call from unknown mobile number “Hello”! Benjamin answered his phone when ringing. Oh! Mrs. Marianne Ablagon what can I do for you? Benjamin answered in a business style. “Eng. Can I invite you a dinner tonight? Marianne said. “Yes sure!” Benjamin replied. At the dinner of Benjamin and Marianne. Marianne explain what was happen before “After your call my parent visit me and later my father threatened me not you send my school if I can’t fallow of what they want. My dad made me to choices between LOVE AND CAREER. Because I cannot survived and I am dependent on them I choose CAREER means I can continue my Career if I choose Ricky because they continue my education. It is long explanation of Marianne to her boyfriend until they become lover again. Now tell me who is your wife and how many kids you have? Marianne asked. Why I have wedding ring in my finger that you identify me a married guy? Benjamin ask question back to Marianne. Of course I did not see it. Marianne answered. Benjamin smile at Marianne that Marianne melt like an ice cream in the cup. I don’t have wife even girlfriend after you leave me. I concentrated with my studies until I graduated in college with honor as valedictorian and I passed the licensure examination for Mechanical Engineer. I put up my repair shop and the same time I put up a placement agency to help unemployment people that is “Big B” it means Benjamin is now Big and not the poorest among the poor. Sweetie I love you as I promised you before, you are the only one, you are my inspiration. Benjamin said. “Yes honey I love you too you are the only one I loved in my whole life.” Marianne replied. Benjamin and Marianne hug and kissed each other as if there is no tomorrow. “I love you sweetie” Benjamin said very lovely to Marianne. “Yes honey, I love too so much!” Marianne replied. Benjamin and Marianne wedding schedule very soon and it’s successfully done. Now they are happy couple after so many trials and they were blessed by God's grace.

The comparison between rich and poor











The sunrise after the night

This is the comparison of the life of Benjamin and Marianne. Out of many trials they encountered to their life still they become succeed. Because of strong determination, prayers and strong foundation they survived. After the darkness of the night there will be sunrise welcome that give us hope.


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