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Sweet Is This Joy That Shines in Jerusalem. Sunday's Inspiration 20. A Soulful Offering to Theresa Maru

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Light of the Rose


Sweet is This Joy That Shines in Jerusalem

Long days and nights, saw no cure for my pain,

Until Love freed me from my many afflictions.

Now success and failure are like withered grass,

Playing with a mirage in the Desert.

Now that I have found You, to gaze at the

Scarlet moon, cannot compare with Thy smile.

Sweet is this Joy that shines in Jerusalem;

You and I blending together again.

My Heart has become, like shafts of the sun,

Cascading nourishment to the cosmos.

For in just one solitary moment, You have

Re- awakened the beauty, in this Citadel of Light.

Let the robes of death dissolve,

In the immensity of our Sweetness.

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With You in my yearning, why should I sigh?

Now I soar o’er the vast blue sea, flying on the lap of infinity.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 7th June, 2020


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi


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© 2020 manatita44


manatita44 (author) from london on June 09, 2020:

She sometimes comes like that, the Mother. Only Grace ... only Grace. Thank you so much, my sweet Dee.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on June 09, 2020:

Amazing creation by love in just one solitary moment. Beautiful tribute. Inspirational and enriching!

manatita44 (author) from london on June 08, 2020:

So sweet of you, Mary. You on a roll today. Awesome! I hope you start writing soon. Peace!

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on June 08, 2020:

There is nothing stronger than the language of love. I wish that I only speak it. What a lovely poem, strong in its depth.

manatita44 (author) from london on June 08, 2020:


So sweet of you to say so. She oozes inner beauty. So many of us get misunderstood in life. We all come from God and with different upbringing and culture, we will naturally express ourselves differently. Yet deep down we Love, purely because we are souls coming directly from the same Source of Light. Thank you so much!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 08, 2020:

manatita44 You are so right! Your kind words to someone I had just come to know of makes me see the reason for this hub. Hope you are well.

manatita44 (author) from london on June 07, 2020:

Lorna, very kind sentiment and one which I appreciate. Gratitude.

Yes, Ruby.

Aren't you a lover of Jesus, The Christ. Sweet chuckle.

"Greater Love hath no man, than that he should lay down his life for the sheep. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." Biblical paraphrase.

Some say that the Buddha was so compassionate, that he gave up his life for animals many times.

"There is only one thing that was, is and ever shall be and that is Love. The Love that creates, the Love that nourishes and the Love that sustains God's Universe." - Sri Chinmoy

Ruby you are my friend, so let me spend a little more time with you. In spite of our best intentions, it cannot be done without Grace. Grace comes directly from God, or the intercession of one of His Advocates.

For that we need to be ready. Pearls cannot be given to those without longing. So Sadhana (Spiritual practices) are necessary. If you look in the East or West, you will see that all scriptures have 'recommendations: Prayer both silent and verbal, self-giving, gratitude, purity... lots more!

Self-giving is a gem! It opens and expands the Heart in the face of adversity. An open and receptive Heart, receives much more Grace. Still, growth is a slow process and cannot be rushed. So what's needed is to do what we can and rely on God's mercy. Write to me and ask what you don't understand. Have a great evening!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on June 07, 2020:

This is beautiful as always. It seems love is the key that unlocks all doors of strife and unbelief.

Lorna Lamon on June 07, 2020:

You perfectly describe the habitation of peace and spiritual consciousness in this beautiful poem Manatita, filled with the joy of love.

manatita44 (author) from london on June 07, 2020:

Karibu, Theresa.

You will get used to my poetry, soon, my dear. I'm speaking of a 'Higher Jerusalem.

So great to see you and to connect, my Theresa. Happy to have you here. Welcome! Asante sana!

Teresa Maru from Kenya on June 07, 2020:

manatita44 I"m truly honored for this dedication, the poem had me smiling and feeling an inch taller. And the use of the shine in Jerusalem evoked spiritual emotions! I have never been to Jerusalem but I feel strongly connected because of our Lord Jesus!

Thank you and blessings!

manatita44 (author) from london on June 07, 2020:

Bill, so sweet of you to say so. Appreciated!

Eric, she will come, but yes, I will, if she doesn't.

I appreciate your deep sentiments. Have a great Sunday.


Thank you so much!! More stories next or rather this week? I'll stay tuned. Gratitude.

Rosina S Khan on June 07, 2020:

Your poem clearly expresses how great and sweet is the joy that shines in Jerusalem. I appreciate it really. Thanks for sharing, Manatita.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on June 07, 2020:

I like the structural prose here. It has a movement of it's own.

Can you send a link to Theresa Maru?

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 07, 2020:

The language of love . . . such a simple language for some to learn . . . so difficult for others. We shall keep speaking it, my friend, in hopes that more will learn it, yes?

Peace and blessings always

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