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Sunday, Mundane

drop, drop, drop

The usual poker face,

A transparent one,

Convincing to be a translucent zone,

Halting the amiable loneliness,

Addicted to the rays of sun and a reflected light straight towards moon,

A surface, A lizard two conjoint like a fraternal twins,

sticking its ticklish sole in the area of my shattered spot,

I can't see anything however I' wondering why it's not the dark shade my senses attract,

Clicking,ahh, yes, I understand why, because of transparency,

Redundant I may assume,

My whole body wad detached in a steel bars

It's a duty until I break.

Humidity a cloth, blanket, undergarment, a curtain

A trespassing cricket don't want to pour out its anger on a cold sunday breeze,

Shrewed mouth came from a stranger, a listener the cricket and me,

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Even I don't want to eavesdrop I can't close my ears,

Sometimes the concrete walls make a crack,

Cold temperature enveloped my body--good riddance!

A dropping sound like a pop pour down,

Don't let ignorance be foolish even caring is optional,

It's rain

Romance I never felt, cosmic i never knew,

Currently awkward for still finding right reaction,

However my wrist was grasped and my body was being pulled too.


A window like me greet a vibrant inside and outside gray.

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