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Summary of Book 48 Laws of Power, The Book Prohibited in Prisons

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the 48 laws of powre

the 48 laws of powre

About the Clerk of 48 Law of Force
Born in 1959 in Los Angeles, American writer and speaker Robert Green studied at the University of California, where he earned a bachelor's degree in classical literature. The writer Green is told that he worked in 80 different jobs including construction work! He has also worked as a translator, magazine editor and film writer in Hollywood. The writer speaks five languages and considers Book 48 Laws of Power to be a turning point in his life. Known for his books on influence and strategies, he has 14 books including 5 of the most influential and best-selling books:

  • 48 laws of authority
  • The Art of Seduction
  • 33 Strategy for War
  • Law Fifty (with 50 cents)
robert greene

robert greene

The Rules of Power Presented by Book 48 Law of Force
The 48 Law of Power presents the rules of power, dedicates each rule in a separate chapter and introduction explaining the rule, as well as examples from history that explain that rule clearly.
We provide a summary of the laws as contained in the book:

  • First, don't show your superiority over your guardian or boss.
  • Second, don't trust your friends too much, learn how to take advantage of your enemies.
  • Third, do not indicate or announce your intentions.
  • Fourth, always talk less than you should.
  • Fifth: A lot depends on reputation, so protect it with your life.
  • Sixth: Draw attention to you at all costs.
  • Seventh: Let others do the work for you, and register it for your account.
  • Eighth: Let others come to you, and use a bait for that if necessary.
  • Ninth: Earn by your actions, not by argument.
  • Tenth: Avoid infection from the unlucky and unfortunate.
  • Eleventh: Learn to make others depend on you.
  • Twelfth: Strip your opponent of his weapons with generosity and honor.
  • Thirteenth: When you ask for help, rely on the needs and interests of others, not through compassion and need.
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  • Fourteenth: Appear as a friend, and act like a spy.
  • Fifteenth: Crush your opponent completely.
  • Sixteenth: Use absence to earn respect and honor through the aura of mystery.
  • Sixteenth: Use absence to earn respect and honor through the aura of mystery.
  • Seventeenth: Let others always be confused and in an atmosphere of confusion.
  • Eighteenth: Don't build a wall around yourself, isolation is dangerous.
  • Nineteenth: Get to know the person you are dealing with well, do not insult the wrong person.
  • Twenty: Do not relate to or relate to anyone.
  • Twenty-first: Pretend foolish to discover fools, and pretend to be stupider than your opponent.
  • Twenty-second: Learn when to give up, then turn your loss into a win.
  • XXIII: Focus your strength and efforts.
  • XXIV: Play your role well as a servant.
  • XXV: Rebuild your life.
  • Twenty-sixth: Keep your hands clean.
  • XXVII: Rely on the needs of others to build a sect of followers for you.
  • XXVIII: Be bold in all your actions.
  • XXIX: Plan your way to the end.
  • Thirty: Try to make your achievements seem easy and effortless.

The Recent Laws on Power in the Book

  • Thirty-first: Control choices, let others choose from what you offer them.
  • Thirty-second: Rely on the dreams of others to achieve your own goals.
  • Thirty-third: Try to recognize the weaknesses of others.
  • Thirty-fourth: Be royal in your dressing, act as king in order to be treated as king.
  • Thirty-fifth: Master the art of time management.
  • Thirty-sixth: Lift up what you can't have, ignoring is the best revenge.
  • XXXVII: Try to create compulsory situations for others.
  • XXXVIII: Think as you want, but act as others want.
  • Thirty-ninth: Turbidity of the water so that you can fish.
  • Fortieth: Despise the free dinner.
  • Forty-first: Avoid provoking the master.
  • Forty-second: Strike the shepherd, and the flock will disperse.
  • Forty-third: Rely on the hearts and minds of others to achieve your goals.
  • Forty-fourth: Face your enemy with a reflective mirror weapon to weaken and frighten him.
  • Forty-fifth: Call for change, but don't apply it all at once.
  • Forty-sixth: Do not appear to be great, only the gods are the great.
  • Forty-seventh: Don't rush to exceed your set goals, learn when to stop.
  • Forty-eighth: Treat others without formalities.

At the end of our article we mention that the book has been attacked by some critics, where it is referred to as being based on the principle of the end justifying the means without regard to moral values.

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