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Stumping for Health Care.

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Stumping for health lest someone winds up with stumps for legs due to the espenxes of caring for their diabetes

Through the smeared pane of another day broken I caught a glimpse of a tiny caregiver perched on the stump of a tree that was not so lucky. From the hollow of that dead trunk out sprung a bit of Spring in black and white quite formal attire attending to its offspring with diligence and dexterity. I was sorely tempted to take a peek into that slender trees hollow but I feared my very presence might discourage the mama and pappa bird from returning to their babes, and I was not into chewing up and then regurgitating worms into four or five gaping maws. A tedious and seemingly endless task that goes on for weeks. till the hatchlings can fly. So I simply took a photo capturing natures finest health care at work and succeeding daily amongst us. There are many who squabble and whine about caring for our own species, prefering to deny the less fortunate lest we have to work a little harder to make sure every one is cared for. God made sure the birds and the animals had the means at their disposal to take care of thier lineage. But man was given freewill and granted the power to do right or wrong,... yet we have chosen to bicker over who should be cared for and why we should bother with some, because it requires a bit more work the sharing of our resources and some compassion to make sure like the birds that every one of our species is cared for in the best way possible. We are far too concerned that we might lose a little bit of our own nest eggs when God has shown us daily in the beauty of nature all around us' the ways and means by which we should take care of all who are born into this world. We become instead like Red Birds sqwacking at Blue Jays over who gets a part of our bountiful nation. It makes me wonder What would Jesus do. He did not discriminate against any who were sick, he healed them and told us all to care for the elderly and the sick but we would rather squabble over the cost of such compassion and love. This saddens me.

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© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


Micky Dee on March 26, 2010:

Jesus gave His health-care away! Thanks MFB!

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