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Struggle Your Story

Success through struggle

Have you lost with the difficulties of life?

Why did you come to this earth, do you know this?

Know the purpose, recognize yourself, the path will be easy

. Everyone knows you are a littlr scared Do not get scared of thorny roads, you are weak.

You are unfathomable, don't be afrid, your work remains unshakable.

If you do rocky roads, you also show the way to others.

Struggle, your story, you are not arrogant.

Believe that somewhere in despir, but with your courage love gets.

You are an example of courage and perseverance, then why are you disappointed?

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No, you don't have to be afraid, you have to go ahead with your intentions.

You are powerful, you are talented, no less than anyone

. If you decide, then rip the mountains. If you believe, then cross the ocean, you are immense

. Man, your lifr is incomparable, you are blessed with thoughts

. Then why would you lose with a little difficulty?

Arise and destory all difficulties because you are indestructible

. Your destination is difficult but you can win.

Becomes successful when you work hard.

Victory would have been yours because you are the ultimate human.

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