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Strolling down the beach

Love Beach


Strolling down the white sanded beach

clasped gently hand in hand,

We marvel at God's inspirational

treasured land.

We leisurely walk the dunes,

thoughtless of time,

sharing everything that comes to mind.

Things secular, things divine.

Uttering heart-felt promises with a whispered reply

full of joyous pleasure that neither can deny.

A fruit filled tree.

Stretches of liquid blue hues

drape the radiant sky,

and mirror the truth

gleaming within your eye.

We bask in each others adoration

and spring cavalier kisses without hesitation.

Languidly, slowly we walk on,

Laughing like tickled children,

we search for natures perfect shell,

no side cracked, pierced, or broken,

a symbol of mother nature's

fairest token.

I turn quickly to still my favorite kiss.

The sun smiles her brightest ray,

Just to get a listen,

to what our unioned hearts have to say.

We kneel chest to chest.

I slowly run my hands through your glistening hair

washing away tiny remnants of despair,

and note that cornered smile,

capable of carrying me over

the last labored mile.

I lay you innocently on your back,

The crystal blue waves

envelope the mountains and caves,

and remind us of loves

infinite ways.

Quickly up we mend

Chasing each other naked as the

day we were born,

mad lovers , with golden

ornaments to adorn,

angels sing while

while Gabriel blows his horn.

We laugh until we cry,

sand matted bodies we ignore

from rolling and tumbling on

this blissful shore.

It is our destiny

to live by this love filled sea,

Just you and me

forever now

locked in eternity.


© 2009 Michael Achilles


Michael Achilles (author) on December 26, 2020:


Binaya.Ghimire on July 23, 2011:

Love is such a wonderful feeling that it makes you want to read this poem again and again.

tnderhrt23 on September 29, 2010:

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Wow! This is an amazing piece of work! You really captured the bliss of the moment here!

steph on November 11, 2009:

i loved this poem so much it made me cry

Michael Achilles (author) on August 15, 2009:

GRAZIE MILLE.....Thanks a million.

\Brenda Scully on August 15, 2009:

sounds like you both had the best of times there..... a little envious of the goddess....

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s on August 15, 2009:

delightful expressions!

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