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Streaming Service Review:

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

DCUniverseInfite logo.

DCUniverseInfite logo.

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What Is DCUNiverseInfinite?

DCUniverseInfinite is DC Comics’ digital comics subscription service that lets you read comics, ranging from issues printed six months ago to their large catalog of old issues.

You can either read the full pages or use the website reader to zoom in on individual panels in the issue you’re reading.

The Site Is Easy to Use!

I have used DCUniverseInfinite for several months to read comics that I borrowed from my local library again because now that I’m subscribed to the service I don’t have to borrow them from my local library.

It’s extremely easy for me to look up titles of stories if I know what story I’m looking for. The search engine lets you search for titles and will bring up results based on the year a series was published because there are multiple volumes of series with the same title.

The search function is very useful when I want to read a certain series. Some of my graphic novel reviews are of books that I have never purchased a physical or digital copy of because I can read them on DCUniverseInfinite.

I find it to be a great resource that saves me a lot of money because I don’t have to buy graphic novels that I only want to read once.

The Quality of the Scans Looks Good, but Not the Best

The visual quality of the scans used on DCUniverseInfinite looks decent. The issue I have run into is that the scans from much older issues don’t have the best visual quality compared to the scans of recent titles.

Many titles from the 1980s and 1990s do not have high-quality scans and you don’t notice unless you try to read the comic using the zoomed-in panel. That’s when you can tell the scan quality is bad because I can’t read the dialogue in the word balloons.

You will not have this issue if you’re reading recent comic issues because new issues don’t have blurry fonts that make the dialogue boxes hard to read.

Reading "Nightwing: Rebirth" on DCUniverseInfinite.

Reading "Nightwing: Rebirth" on DCUniverseInfinite.

The Zoomed-in Panels Cut Off the Dialogue Boxes

The feature on the site that lets you read comics by zooming in on panels is a great feature, but it has its own problems. For example, when I read Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory, I tried to read some of them by reading the individual panel and it cut off some of the dialogue in the dialogue boxes, making it difficult to read the comic using the feature.

I had to read some of the comics using the full page mode and it was kind of annoying because the zoom-in for the individual panels is a nice feature, even if it’s not the ideal way to read comics on the streaming app.

The Mobile App Is Nice, but the Panel Problem Is Present

I did try the mobile app and it does work and you can read the comics, but the panel problem is still present and you can’t always see the dialogue font in the panels when you’re trying to read them.

You can easily pick up where you left off if you add what you’re reading to a list of comics that you can access from the app once you sign into it with your DCUniverseInfinite account.

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If you can deal with the dialogue panels you’ll be able to enjoy reading most comics on the app.

The Vast Amount of Comics You Can Read Make the Subscription Worth It

DCUniverseInfinite is a nice streaming service if you want to read DC Comics’ issues without purchasing a lot of trade paperbacks or individual comic issues.

I like using the service because it’s easy to use and easy to find when it came to searching for comics.

The issues look pretty good but the visual quality isn’t perfect. Older issues are harder to read when it comes to the dialogue boxes.

DCUniverseInfinte front page if you are subscribed to the streaming service.

DCUniverseInfinte front page if you are subscribed to the streaming service.

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Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

There's a large catalog of comics to read from.

The site is six months behind the current comics

Inexpensive subscription fee

The panel option will cut off some of the dialogue in certain comics

You'll save a lot of money by subscribing instead of buying individual comics or graphic novels

My Grade: A-

DCUniverseInfinite is a nice streaming service for reading back issues of DC Comics’ catalog. If you love reading graphic novels and issues from DC Comics you will want to subscribe to DCUniverseInfinite.

I enjoy reading older DC Comics’ you’ll enjoy having a subscription to DCUniverseInfinite. The website’s ease of use and the sheer amount of comic issues on the site make it a very convenient place to read comics.

While I wish that the site put up the newest comics right now instead of delaying them six months, it’s still a great site if you just want to read comics without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on graphic novels and it’s very nice if you don’t have the shelf space for comics, which I don’t.

I have saved a lot of money using DCUniverseInfinite compared to buying a lot of comic books and graphic novels. I love using the site because I can read so many storylines without having to purchase too many comics and since I write reviews for the graphic novels I read I end up using the site to earn some extra money too.

Is DCUniverseInfinite worth your time and money? It might be if you love comics and you don’t want to buy every single storyline but you want to read them all.

While the quality of the older issues isn’t the best, almost everything is readable and I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of older comics that have caught my interest over the years.

It’s a nice budget-friendly way to read superhero stories from DC Comics. I do like the website and the app is also nice. It’s a great and convenient way to read your favorite stories from DC Comics without taking up shelf space or spending too much money.

It’s also very nice if you just want to read comics without spending too much money. I do hope that DC Comics will continue to improve the app so I can enjoy comics on the go.

The subscription is worth your time and money if you want access to DC Comics’ catalog. I enjoy reading comics and I use it to review what I read and I no longer have to rely on my local library to read the stories that I’ve seen recommended to me or if I’m just curious to see if I enjoy a popular title.

DCUniverseInfinite is also cheaper than Marvel Unlimited when it comes to their monthly streaming service for reading comic books and graphic novels. I do enjoy using the service a lot and I will continue to use it to read comics and save some money while I read and review stories that I don’t have the money to buy right now.

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