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Storytime With Og: Channel Review

Were you looking for something cute and wholesome that you can let your children view without worrying about what they are watching? Give the channel "Storytime With Og" a chance.

This channel is run by independent author David Denewett, and in the videos he uploads, he has taken on the persona of "Og," a character from one of his books. He uploads videos where he reads children's books for kids to watch, and he will add a bit of commentary. The most current video is the story of a bunny who gets some magic jellybeans (just in time for Easter). He has read more popular fairytales, as well as stories that your kids might not be familiar with. So, if if the kids are wanting to be reread stories that are already familiar with, or be read stories that they have never heard before, they are bound to find what they want.

Your kids are bound to be entertained by having stories read to them, as well as by the presentation. You should give the channel (and the book he has written) a look; you will be happy with the result.

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