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Story of a Teen Aged Orphan Girl

Benazir Marjan has completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.

Story of a Teen Aged Orphan Girl

Story of a Teen Aged Orphan Girl

A teen aged orphan girl, used to sell flowers from morning to night near parks, on roads, during traffic in Dhaka city. The girl didn't know anything about her parents, where do they live, why she lives in a slum, why she is an orphan. The girl didn't know anything about her grew up. From morning to sunset, she used to sell flowers and finally she went back to the slum with a tired body at end of the day. This is how her days used to pass. Her breakfast was dry thin bread; her lunch was usually one plate rice near road side, sometimes with some curry and sometimes without curry.

This was how her days were passing. Some people were kind to her, while some people were so rude to her. Some people used to give her some extra money more than the price of those flowers. Again some people used to mistreat her, did not give her even the price of the flower. Some wanted to abuse her. The girl rescued her from those situations in some ways.

The girl had dream of going to school, had dream of having a very wonderful life. But at the same time it was also true that she knew that these will stay only as dreams to her life.

One day something very unusual and strange happened to her. A kidnapper kidnapped the girl. The boy take the girl to a dark area, the girl’s eyes were covered with a black piece of cloth. The girl could not able to trace where she was. The girl kept quiet and said “I have nothing to give you. I really don’t know why you have kidnapped me?” The boy screamed and laughed but did not reply anything.

The boy opened her eyes and gave her some foods. The boy told “I know you can’t afford some good food for you, your life is just full of hardship”. The girl kept quiet. “Your life can be totally changed, if you just follow some of my instruction and help me in my work”, the boy said.

The girl cried and replied “But you are a kidnapper indeed”.

The boy started screaming with a loud voice and asked her “What did you get from your life after selling flowers at the end of the day? Did all of your hardship go away? Do you have a nice life? Do you have enough food for you?” The answer would be straight “No”.

“So please join with me, you will be rich within a very short period of time”, the boy said. The girl was crying. When she understood that she has no other way to rescue from this kidnapper she just put her leg in the trap of the kidnapper.

The boy started to work with the girl, the girl was helping him working as a spy. She was transferring information to the boy using diplomatic tricks, sometimes spreading the false illusion of love to some males. That was how their missions were going on.

Slowly the girl fell in love with that kidnapper. She tried to convince him to leave this dark world and live a nice, honest and happy life. But the kidnapper told “There is no value of honesty in life, honesty will always betray you, and you will stay always poor”. The girl said “But there is happiness with that poor life, what I can feel now that I was really happy while I was selling flowers over the streets and enjoyed my life. Now I have money but I always stay in panic, there is always a fear in my mind. Can’t we start a beautiful life together with love and honesty?”

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“No, never! Never say these words to me. Go to hell” the boy shouted. “Do you think that I love you? Then you are just a stupid girl”.

The girl could not able to convince the kidnapper and things were moving on like this way. Eventually the girl got tired of doing her job. She was getting tired day by day, loosing energy, also got faint over the road one day. The boy took her to hospital doctor gave some tests. Finally what the doctor suspected that came true, the girl caught Blood Cancer. The doctor told that she had only 2 months in her life time.

The boy did not tell the hard truth to the girl, he started loved the girl, spend very quality time for 1 month. After 1 moth the girl needed to get hospitalized as she was just very near to her death. The girl got realize everything in the hospital, she cried and told she had no regret in her life; she got the love of that kidnapper, which was all fulfillment of her life. Nobody in this world loved her before; she showed her gratefulness to the kidnapper. The girl died after 1 month of being hospitalized.

The boy loved the girl and it was hard for him to pass her time without her. This incident made the boy more realistic to him. Sometimes he thought of leaving this dark world, but he could not as he got more stubborn to lose that girl to whom he loved subconsciously.

Again, the kidnapper started kidnapping and other illegal works but the girl was not with him, he used to feel the presence of the girl around him. Loosing that girl from his life made him crazier and bound towards his dark world. He could not able to get out of it.

That was how the lonely kidnapper was moving on his life alone with a big sigh.

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Muhammad Mudasir from Saddar Rawalpindi Pakistan on August 09, 2020:

I really like this.

Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on August 04, 2020:

I hope this is a good one to read.


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