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"Stimulus" - A Check for Balanced Response



The pandemic is packed with much more than the COV-19 virus. This is a very dire hour that is articulating so many things, on so many levels. First it is a virus that affects the very breath needed to respire correctly, before it spreads to the other parts of the body, summarizing its grip as a disease, affecting the physical body. A mask which is not the most comfortable, and besides the fact that it is very inconvenient, however, it must be worn for one's own sake, as well as, for the sake of others to ensure safety is enacted. The precaution which advises that it be done for one's own sake as well as, for the sake of others, carries the principle of loving others as you would love yourself.

With the onset of the pandemic, there also came in its trail the need for blame; or rather the need for understanding as to where and what caused this pandemic. What does the Christian mind have to say about this issue to guard the mind and heart concerning its effect on lives directly and indirectly. How I perceive the care of my own self would have to be my actual reality, or wouldn’t it be possible to transmit or transfer the lack of concern to others unintentionally or intentionally. What is missing from this hypothesis of caring whether I could transmit this disease? How did I get it to be able to transmit it to anyone? What is the individual responsibility during the pandemic after ignoring all the signs of the time prior to its prognosis?

Prognosis is a medical term for predicting the likely or expected development of a disease, including whether the signs and symptoms will improve or worsen (and how quickly) or remain stable over time; expectations of quality of life, such as the ability to carry out daily activities; the potential for complications and associated health issues; and the likelihood of survival. Moreover, hasn’t disease been a thing to ignore if the right medicine can be obtained. The diagnosis is apartheid or in part, when there is no true regard for the acts committed that have set disease in motion, ending up with a disease cannot really be blamed on where or who is the infected, but what was and is my own responsibility in remaining healthy as it may be possible.

It is because I realize that sin has set in motion each and every disease that plague societies at large. If sin is not dealt with individually, infirmities in cue from past experiences are inevitable and will produce massive chaos. As an inhabitant in the earth, I realize and understand that I have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Creator who created it all, but I take responsibility for the part I have been given in this collective thrust and the only response I can offer is “I repent” for all cue roles I have been given to govern, but I failed as an individual.

Repenting helps me to deal with my status as well as, rise above failure without blaming anyone. Blame cannot be given to another for something I could have avoided with forethought and understanding of the premise of each and every matter. It is the lack of concern and information needed. Most of the Prophets forewarned the people in their time of what ignoring instructions necessary for successful living would lead to. There is the sin of ignoring instructions given that seem to follow societies like a dark cloud. The question to ponder today is will another sign of the time pass along unresolved and be conveniently ignored just to murmur and complain about it or be the topic of news.

True affordable health care doesn’t begin, but rather ends with the physical body. How affordable is diseased spirit and soul looking at the bigger picture, is that a part of the affordable health care package, it should be the first thing to determine, do I have an affordable health care package for my spirit and soul? Sin and death are not affordable, but to the wicked. The wicked and evil thinkers and doers can always afford to share stinking thinking, what they can not spare is respect for the Creator or for others.

The blame game begins, as to who should be faulted for this outbreak. Within the human sphere we would all be guilty all at once collectively, because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of life on this planet, it is just that some people to what appears to be a larger degree. There are no degrees of sin, no big or little sin. It is how we choose to deal with our own part in the matter. Self quarantine, likened to self examination, yet, it is unfortunate that this tragedy has to reveal the need to do this, or that it is an indictment against the social behaviors that call for distancing, but we are not able to ignore the results, they are costing more and more lives. It gives an inside look from a medical perspective. How a healthcare worker can choose to make a decision to help others at their own expense. Thank you to all of them, and all who on a daily basis put their lives on the line for others before their considering their own life.

The concern alongside social distancing is a panicky one. It is rather engaging that it brought with it a need to shut down countries, and the assistance necessary with a provision of a stimulus package, it is down right ironic. The stimulus check for me, is with gratitude for the provision, but is a reality check, my mind stimulated to understand the crisis and the implications of the spiritual truth that I acknowledge as being one of the many reasons behind the outbreak/pandemic. I have no belief these things are coming from the wrath of God, but from the wrath one to another. Un-repentance sin sets all adversities and diseases in motion. Committed sin(s) will always require repentance to offset its offenses.

Sins remittance is dependent upon repentance, without repentance there is no remission or cancellation of sin. What is the true offering needed upon the altar to burn up sin, it is the sacrifice of repentance, it is the created fire that sets me free from the burden. It is a scary event, the offerings of the sacrifices of thanks and praises without the cleansing of the breath, through the utterances by repentance. One Apostle I heard defined it as offering polluted praises. It frightened me to the point of examination of myself. My usual response when I examine myself is to write and type notes to myself as a constant reminder of the admonition I have been warned against.

In processing this thought I wrote a piece called give a hoot, don’t pollute your praise. A large contribution in adverse physical conditions are due to allowance of abominations which do make life desolate. The presence of the Church is to halt all abominations which make desolate by examining self, self is always suspect, unless you want to fool your own self. Number one suspect in self examination is me, so that I don’t blame and fault others for something I made a decision in a sin stupor to do. Stupor or not I must take responsibility, and be accountable for every mistake and error I’ve made and repent. Repentance cannot correct my past, but it can change the present, that I will be aware that every day is the day of salvation to be worked out.

The space where the choice will be made should be the space to repent. The place of form where the power of godliness can never be denied. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5

The space where the choice will be made should be the space to repent. The place of form where the power of godliness can never be denied. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5

Individual repentance is the only remedy left on the planet to assure a positive value system, and I believe it is the final call to each, and every human breathing. Guard your breath with repentance for sin, you may never know when you will draw your last one. Secure your spirit and soul, not just your body. Cover your mouth and nose, why? Are you cognizant about breathing, if or when words pass through un-examined or unnoticed by you the speaker, or has the right to speak without taking heed become a normal part of responding?

What does responding to stimuli mean?

  • Response to stimuli is a defining character of life i.e it is a way in which scientists can know if an organism has life in it or not. Responses to stimuli are just one of them. Stimulus is anything, literally anything that induces a response in your nervous system.

Repentance is the response to the stimulus that sin has set in motion and is setting in motion, which is the defining characteristic of obtaining life eternal, as well as living out the remainder of natural or mortal life. It is the way the believer can know and understand if their faith has life or not, realizing that the rules of sin and death are in operation in the world we live in, and that toxicity and contamination are real issues. Stimulus is literally, figuratively, and spiritually anything that induces or demands a response in my being to do or perform. What stimulates the heart and mind to repent? Errors, mistakes, sins, transgressions, trespasses, iniquities all should convince the being when and how to repent. Should repentance be a part of daily devotion? Let me put it as gently as I can, if and when you pray to God and if you believe in the Creator, if you can go into the presence of holiness without repenting, please keep it to yourself.

Entering into the presence of a Holy God without repenting to go or enter that space, I can only speak for myself, that for me to enter into prayer without repenting before is sin, my conscience makes me very uneasy. The apostle Paul tells me in (Romans 14:23), “Whatever is not from faith is sin.” This indicates that there is more to Christian living than merely following rules. It is key for a Christian to understand the principles involved in universal, and earthly laws, as well as civil and moral laws not just the letter-of-the-law wording.

I was reckoning to myself on the COVID-19 virus, and the facets of social distancing. The theme or rather the things that stood out most profoundly, was how it was forgotten how to respectfully approach people. Standing a distance from speaking with people in general. If consciousness of how approaching each other from a distance is a mystery, how likely wouldn’t it be to lay aside the respect in approaching the Most High, it falls in the category with routine. Therefore, shouldn't great care be exercised in how to approach God, as well as the approach alone.

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I only understand that to repent is to say I respect your presence and shall not come near without cleansing my heart. It is lost in translation or mislaid in the busyness of religious practices of traditional prayer, which can be packaged and passed along with the lack of pure devotion in how to respectfully approach each other in order to compass and contrast within oneself the way to approach God. I don't desire to get that comfortable that I become mindless as to whose presence I am entering.

The Prophet Moses learned that his feet were soiled and to take off his shoes because where he stood was declared holy ground. I have learned this lesson from the Spirit of Prophecy in my own lifespan in time, to approach God with carefulness and not carelessness. This premise of holy ground alone exudes definition on spiritual distancing that is needed to truly social distance. Respect and reverence for the Most High translates into respect for self and others.

Realizing that for myself, that there is a drastic difference between where I am positioned in time and space, and where the Most High dwells in Eternity of repentance needed inside and outside of time. Only by the presence of the Holy Spirit does it seem or is as if my mortality dwells in eternity too, close and near to His presence, but reality which is not virtual, reminds me of the mortality of flesh. I must not defend flesh when it is not being in the place of respectful approach and it does not reside outside of the time zone. I must humble myself to pray, what do I mean, I must be willing to repent of every intent, motive, desire, emotion, imagination, and high and low thing before I address my words to God in prayer. Repent to me, means clean up to pray!

Manipulation is a suggestion that one can stand in prey without repenting, my conscience must be willing to know my motive and reason for asking God for anything. Does it have anything to do with the completion of my spirit, soul and body being preserved blameless to stand in this gap each time I pray, where only repentance can navigate me towards the presence to enter the space I alone am allowed. Each individual has a space prepared to repent, whether or not it is used is an individual choice. According to Revelation 2:21, It is written that the Lord Jesus Christ said this,

“And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.” Here is the pragmatic challenge of this Scripture, I have practically practiced repentance within my own prayer life as long as I have claimed to be a Christian which is more than 30 or more years. Do you know that I had not consciously, or with my conscience repented for the sin of fornication in the space to repent, this is not a boast, this is a confession towards the same High Priest that regulated that it be done.

The pandemic of the acts of fornication in the world are still actively spiraling the earth off course. What is startling is if I didn’t understand or realize these truths, that there could be others who fall into this category. This verse references a “her” of which I am and will always be in time, but do you know I would be guilty of not doing what is required of me by this verse. Isn’t it interesting that this verse only references her and not him. He could never perform the act of fornication without the violation or volition of a her, this is why this is a sin one commits with their own body.

This truth isn’t something that can be ascertained if you need a him to blame along with you and not take it like a woman. Fornication was a sin of the past and is not a present day reality, but the sin was a sin of omission in prayer, shame silenced the desire to ever think of it again. Was it a conscience thing not to adhere to this verse? No,,,,,If you are a woman and you have committed this act, please check the prayer closet for buried skeletons, of which you believed were taken care of, and please find the strength while it remains to repent and clear yourself for all future prayer endeavors or its possible to transfer this unrepentant sin to the children when praying for them, because it is marked for repentance to clean the sin out of the closet and the family tree.

The sin of the fathers and mothers will still be in motion, lest repentance is embraced and treasured more than the sin. It is written that all things work or are working together for good for those who love God, how can one love a Holy God with the unrepentant sin of fornication? The pandemic doesn’t give the idea of this truth, but the physical pandemic is a manifestation of the pandemic of spirit and soul which found expression via rejected and ignored principles which govern the space and basis of the true and pure need to repent.

Confessions, and testimonies are marvelous expressions through breath, the present pandemic is reiterating to me the importance of breathing and what I do that really will count in the end with the use of my breath. This breath was precious before sin made every attempt to snuff it out, it is more important now that I can use it for a real purpose. I believe in the God that looked beyond my faults and saw my need was to repent. The gift I had not fully unwrapped but, time is merciful enough to grant me the goodness to open the gift and use it as I deem it necessary to fulfill my true purpose, based on a provision I was not and am not exempt from neglecting or ignoring.

I repent for the sin of fornication and for allowing it to hide and hinder my prayer life, by not being specific not even to myself, to examine me closer and more holistically to enact the corrective rod as well as the staff that is used to guide me. The rod is not something designed to hit with, it is designed to protect to correct. The title Lord to me now shouts repent, the covering will always remind me to repent to use it.


Time is a sphere where most, but not all activity which pertains to the flesh or body is experiential; it houses and holds the records pf all events of life past, present, and future. Time is the holder of occurrences good, bad and ugly. Check with time for all the problems and solutions involving all happenings. One second from this moment is either the past or it can be the future, it all depends on what time it is.

It is not a coincidence that social distancing has resurfaced. It is a item that was on yester-decades agenda, just not with regard to disease of the body as its prohibited cause. Social distancing is an enormous part of history on many levels, yet, it has been ignored, just as most precautions have the propensity to be shunned. Diseases have a uncanny way of awakening to the remedies needed to combat illnesses. Racism is a key topic appropriate for dialogue and understanding the correct way for it to have been defined by social distancing and preferences that would have been void of violence and uncivilized behavioral responses. Wasn't racism the tool used to stir up the need for racial distancing? Distancing is a panoramic phenomena, the lack of respect for boundaries only propel trespasses which only the correction found in repentance can heal. Change without correction is a hazard to society.

The spiritual significance invokes the need for resolve. The distance of sinners from God is just as important as the need for social distancing. Prayer and spiritual distancing is an imperative requiring attention. How close is the world, the earth from the God of which is proclaimed. Is spiritual distancing which helps the effectual fervent prayer to be set in motion activated, for the answers which are so desperately needed. Sin is separation from God and only repentance humbles the heart and mind to feel the sorrow which leads to the correction that is being sought. If my people which are called by my name; the only name in which people call themselves by are Christians after Christ. If they would humble themselves (repent before prayer).

The distance would not be of a social disorder, but rather a serious and sober approach by being absolutely mindful of where is the destiny of prayer, will it or does it rise to the place where prayer is acceptable for more than mortal need of provisions, or can the focus be the state of spirit and soul being under the law of repentance to purge every prayer of intent, seeing that prayer is so very intentional and the most genuine of thoughts ever given for expression. The offering of it would be in the purest of heart, so that the refiner’s fire burns up the dross (all that is not pure). We don’t hear much about sanctification these days, why is that, yet, there is prayer. Can I understand a profane prayer from the un-profane without repenting to clean-up and to be corrected prior to going into the presence of a Holy God? The pandemic brought with it an in depth stimuli that transcends the physical by leaps and bounds, but assisted me in understanding that it is a plague because of ignoring the signs or the time.

Time will not be ignored and unappreciated while it is a provisional path created for a purpose and not to be squandered, as money can. Time and money are not synonymous, nor are they antonyms, money is something used while in time, but time has no need for money, mortals do, and they will also need time to spend it in any way, form and fashion they choose. Time on the other hand may not or is not authorized to be spent as money is.

Jesus asked a question, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” Can faith be truly alive or asleep without the daily (day and night) devotional requirement of repentance, or is repentance not required at all? Faith without works is dead, or faith without ongoing active repentance is more of the subconscious rather than the conscious state of mind necessary to combat sin assigned from every direction. I believe that the prerequisite to salvation is repentance, because I believe the words which Jesus spoke concerning John the Baptist. (Matthew 11:11 - KJV) “Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.”

John the Baptist was the greatest, but He said the least of them would be greater. It is not about great, greater or the greatest. It is about the preview and/or an in depth look of what preceded salvation, it was the call to repent. Just as the call to repent was first, it is still first prior to prayer or you just may be in active preyer without repentance. Preying on the prayers of others. Stop being a predator relying on the prayers of others and learn to repent if you want or need prayer, and do something great for yourself. Repent to request prayer of others, their sharing comes out of their own treasury. Stop the me too movement, take a stand.

The Criteria should entail bringing the person to a repentant place, if they are willing to repent, let them confess repentance and learn to pray for themselves. The power of agreement with the unrepentant request for prayer is a part of the pandemic. If you are repentant, and they are not, the prayer of repentance should precede you interceding for them or they just may be a wolf in sheep's clothing, are they willing to repent for their sins. It is your breath, be careful, not careless how you choose to use it. Prayer involves will, whose will should you pray with. Without repentance who knows, the will of prayer should revolve around repent change, and correction. Unanswered prayer may be held up just as when the Prophet Daniel prayed and it took 21 days, un-repentance is more severe than in that day. The only response to pandemic's stimulus is the check to repent!

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