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Still It Stands

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A statue - rigid, bold and durable.

It stands as a reminder of achievement, courage, and valor.

A spectacle for all to see.

A storm shall pass, and still it stands; impermeable and unshakable.

The waters may rise, and still it stands, heavy and unbending.

The snow may fall, it still stands; unbreakable and everlasting.

And so, I thought, I too shall stand, endure the storms, floods, and sleet.

I shelter others from feeling the full wrath of the wind. I will stand, immovable, and unbreakable.

I shall be a beacon for the lost, a symbol of courage and valor.

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Until I realized, I am not a statue.

The most courageous are not indestructible or unwavering.

They are those who embrace all that is with open arms. They accept everything that is as evanescent and fluid.

It is the most courageous that pursue understanding and enlightenment.

While the foolish stand in the storm like upset children: immovable and rigid.


Nameless in the east from USA on March 18, 2017:

The child who was born human, who was set in stone, dreamed of becoming a warrior, became a woman and a soldier, and then …… realized she was human.

This sounds like a good story!!! 


P.S. I have posted a hub on a something I began thinking about several years ago. Life is complicated ……. The topic will be on-going and I will try to post a new piece once a week. I would be honored Elise if you could give me feedback on this work (in progress).

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