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Steve: The Minecrafter

I really do love minecraft and all the games around the decided to make this for all the gamers out there...Hope you like it

Steve: The Minecrafter


A short but sweet poem for all the minecraft players

To the one whom the Ender Dragon bows. The one who, with ease kills withers and cows.

If he thinks to build a house. It's as simple for him, as to kill a mouse.

The one who's skillls are above the skies. The mobs salute him as he flies!!.

He is a pro player and a great crafter. He is none other than STEVE: The Minecrafter.



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Thank you very much for reading and giving your precious time.

© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala


Husamuddin Chittalwala (author) from India on August 09, 2021:

Thanks for reading!!!

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