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Stay Wise and Young With Words

Nothing or Everything

We read books made up of Dead trees ,
with every page telling us a story of inspiration & Life

We write books made up of Dead trees,
with every page concealing memories in form of scars, bruises & Laughs

These deceased pages are Nothing
These zestful pages are Everything

-Srushti Gamit

About the Article

Some of you might be thinking that,“ what exactly is the way to stay young and wise with the words?” Maybe after reading this article, you will get the answer.

Let me tell you an astonishing experience of mine in context of this article. So one summer night my parents and I decided to go and meet my grandparents at their home which is about 490 kilometres away. I was going to my grandparent‘s house after many years as I could not always go because of my college and stuff.

My grandma was a retired matron and my grandpa was a retired English professor. My grandparents were quite Spiritual.

My grandfather was a very intelligent and humble man. I always wondered how someone could talk so sensible. And as per my memory he never spoke loudly or profanity to anyone.

So here starts the actual story. There was a huge book shelf in my grandparent’s room, I never tried to know which types of books are there or how many books are there in that shelf. But that day I do not know from where I got curious about that bookshelf. And the curiosity drawn me in-front of that shelf.

And when I looked at that book shelf, I came to know that it is even bigger than it seemed from far away. The book shelf was made up of wood and there were a lot of compartments in it. I felt like I was standing in front of a mini library and the books were so beautifully kept. I was just so mesmerised by the beauty of that shelf.

I never thought that there would be so many books in that shelf. I was standing in front of the shelf and peeking through the transparent glass attached to the shelf door.

My grandpa came near the shelf while I was stunned and just staring at the books. He opened the shelf and started telling me about different books and their authors and what he exactly learned from the specific book. He kept on picking up one book after the other, picking up from one compartment to another and there was a different kind of happiness and love I saw on his face.

I told him that I have no doubt that he must have read all these books because he always talk so wisely. But then he said something that completely changed my thinking. He said that, “books do not change people, Words do. He added, It is the books that always keep him young and wise.”

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I was not really surprised by the fact that he has read so many books but I was more surprised to finally know the role of books or words in one’s life.

I always wondered how a person can be so sincere, humble, practical and what not. I always loved listening to his words, he always talk about wisdom and knowledge. He is a great human and the only reason behind it is Words.

Grandpa’s Treasure

  • Books that can make you spiritually strong :

  1. Sense and sensuality by the author Ravi Zacharias
  2. The hole in our gospel by the author Richard Stearns
  3. The God of small things by the author Arundhati Roy
  4. The quest of the historic Jesus by the author Albert Schweitzer
  5. God made mothers by the author Annie Zac
  6. Palestinian walks by the author Raja Shehadeh
  7. The chase for Christ by the author Lee Strobel
  8. Be right, loyal, faithful, hopeful and compassionate by the author Warren W. Wiersbe
  9. Who is this man? By the author John Ortberg
  10. The cross of Christ by the author John R.W. Stott
  • Books that can make you mentally strong :

  1. Be the leader you were meant to be by the author LeRoy Eims
  2. The obstacle is the way by the author Ryan Holiday
  3. You cannot be serious by the author John McEnroe
  4. Blink by the author Malcolm Gladwell
  5. Save your Brian by the author Paul Nussbaum
  • Books that can make your life better :

  1. How to stop worrying and start living by the author Dale Carnegie
  2. Aging well by the author George E. Vaillant
  3. Enlightenment now by the author Steven Pinker
  4. Activate your brain by the author Scott G. Halford
  5. The thriving introvert by the author Thibaut Meurisse
  6. The miracle morning by the author Hal Elrod

For My Readers

May these words accelerates your old souls
from lifeless mode to sparks of mighty flame

Just use your imagination
And you will be touched by Words

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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