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Starting a Freelance Writing Career: How to Do It?

Ruby writes from the Philippines. She teaches communication and education courses in a HEI. She enjoys reading and travelling.


Have you ever thought that, you have the freedom to speak your mind whenever you choose as a writer, but making it a career, though, is the challenging part? How do I begin a writing career is a question that a lot of individuals ask themselves. Although it seems like a straightforward question, you may spend your entire life trying to find the answer.
Fortunately, there isn't much of a wait. That is due to the fact that now created here is this guide on beginning a freelance writing career.

Prepare your homework

The road to becoming a writer is frequently a long one. Therefore, the initial step is to conduct research on numerous facets of the writing profession.
For instance, there are several writing jobs available. Do you wish to work as a content marketer or a blogger? Or perhaps a manager of social media or a writer of white papers?
Finding your specialty might be aided by being aware of what is available (more on this in a minute). Find out how current freelancers got their start by speaking with them (through social media or people in your network). If you're fortunate, they could even assist you in getting your first job.
The study you complete now can help you define the remainder of your career, even if this first step may not seem particularly thrilling.

Locate Your Own Niche

You might conceive of a topic or sector that requires talented writers. You are unable to write about everything, though. It's crucial to identify your writing specialization for this reason.
If you enjoy writing about video games, music, and movies, you might wish to do so. If you have the ability to make others rich, you could wish to write in the financial or marketing industries.
Using either your interests or your experience might help you find your specialty. You are converting your fervent pastimes into a writing career in the instance of entertainment writing. However, you could be relying on your professional or educational experience when it comes to money and marketing.
While securing a niche is crucial, don't be scared to occasionally try something new. Until you give it a go, you won't know how effectively you can write about particular subjects and sectors.

Use Tools That Work

Sometimes it surprises beginning writers to learn they require quality writing instruments. Your main sources of income are still your head and a keyboard, but a number of applications may greatly simplify your life.
You should begin writing on a cloud-based platform like Google Docs if you haven't already. As you write, it will immediately preserve your progress and enable global access to your work.
You ought to become familiar with tools like the Hemingway App. This website allows you to post your writing and receive feedback on your reading comprehension and usage of devices like passive voice and modifiers.
Because many clients won't want content that is beyond a 9th or 10th grade reading level, the reading level is very crucial. By utilizing this program, you may learn how to write for the web and reach your goal reading level (which is very different from academic or fiction writing).
Last but not least, don't undervalue something like a straightforward notepad you keep by your bed. You never know when you'll get an excellent thought in the morning and need to record it.


Build Your Customers

The challenging phase is about to begin. It's time to look for some customers! You must comprehend the various clientele sorts in order to do this.
Your best-paying employment will typically result from making pitches to several clients. The paycheck increases with the size of the customer. However, you'll need to make a pitch that will really blow their minds.
When you write for a writing service, your pay per word will be lower. The continuous flow of employment provided by these companies is beneficial if you're concerned about where your next paycheck will come from.
Not to mention, keep an eye out for full-time positions as a social media manager, content writer, editor, or blogger. You'll receive full-time wages and benefits while also substantially strengthening your portfolio. And if you wish, you may return to the life of a freelancer.

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To find these chances, keep a watch on several writing boards throughout the week. Also, give it some thought before you apply to what your preferred word-per-word writing pace will be. While you don't want to frighten away potential customers, you also don't want to undercut yourself financially.

Create a Digital Portfolio

Beginning a freelance writing career might occasionally seem contradictory. Prospective customers want to read what you have previously published. What if, though, you haven't yet written for a client?
Nothing prevents you from posting your writing on your own website or on blogs like Medium. Then, you may utilize your online writing, whether it's for pay or not, to build a digital portfolio.
The portfolio is the most effective technique to demonstrate to clients your writing abilities and writing style. As your career develops, you may add to your portfolio. And by include a link to that portfolio in your CV and job applications, you may save potential customers a ton of time.

Sell Yourself

Consider that you already have a few clients under your belt and a digital portfolio. How do you make the jump from this experience to a legitimate career? by constant self-promotion!
Consider building a whole website to go along with your digital portfolio. Additionally, advertise oneself on other social media platforms. In the end, you want customers to come to you rather than the other way around.
Think about contributing blog entries as a guest to bloggers in related fields. This helps you get useful contacts and experience while also promoting your name.
Without a doubt, one of the most crucial aspects of your work is self-promotion. And the distinction between writing as a job and as a pastime is how you sell yourself.

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