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Spilling My Heart out All Over the Place; I Am a Writer, a Follow-Up

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Why I Write

One of my earliest articles written for Hub Pages was simply about, being a writer.

It wasn't about being the best writer or the most engaging, the most read, the most brilliant -

It wasn't about taking heed, because I have something to say; it was all about why I write about the things I choose to write about.

Why any of us write about the things we do!

Why I sometimes write about the things which have chosen me and how I cannot find peace, until I do!

As described before, a topic will latch on and not let go until I take a pen to paper

It will grab hold and not release, until I have taken to the keyboard...

In it, I attempted to be encouraging to new writers.

Good writers will find their niche or niches and from there, who knows...the world is their oyster!

I still believe that staying true to one's convictions is the only way to go and that it will see you through, no matter which career path you choose.

Also, in taking the time, from time to time, to refresh and renew, not only comes with the territory, but is essential for longevity.

Discouraged and Dissuaded

Not all of my subjects that I choose to write about are popular, far from it, but that doesn't stop me...nor should it!

While some subjects are open to interpretation and opposing views, not all are, not in the 2020's!

Some subjects are not to be written about...unless you plan to stay on what is seen today as the only side of the issue; otherwise, don't go there

If I am passionate about it or feel that a subject should be addressed or countered...I am up for the challenge, I am up for the task.

Discouraged, often, but never pushed to the point of no return.

Dissuaded regularly, but still writing about many of those subjects to this day, all of these years later.

Never Cease To Be the Real You

Whether it's speaking out against abortion or of our unconditional rights or in reminding everyone of our form of Government which is of, by and for the people or of the undisputed limits which have been placed on Government -

Whether it is attempting to speak out against the fact that young girls and women in general, are being methodically devalued, although they must pretend to be resilient through it all, for the cause!

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When who they were created to be, can no longer be defined without facial distortions and twitchy movement and proper word salads being conjured up; when who they are...gets shoved aside, because a cause has risen to the top, and must be the only cream...allowed to remain atop!

They are put in the ever-compromising position; labeled and ridiculed if they dare speak out and up for themselves and for others and so they suffer in silence, forced to live with the scars!

It is a shameful, travesty, that which has been done to them and since I have been discouraged and dissuaded from speaking for them, I will only mention it in passing here!


I have never ceased to write about my faith, my God, my personal Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have never ceased in pointing out the exceptional qualities of my beloved Country, no matter who is in charge, no matter who tells me that I am to lose the pride and begin to see my country differently!


I am sure there are those who would prefer my generically, safe subjects, take precedence and replace these subjects...

But, I would lose me; I would lose AB, in the process.

Because the many things which sustain me, that make me the person I am, the writer I am, would be compromised... and lost!

In the end, I may lose every battle and be pushed out, as others before, but I will never surrender my principles, in order for others to feel more comfortable in their uncompromising position.

I will not set my integrity aside, so that things can be made all polished up and pretty; all neat and tidy, and untouchable!

If we cannot discuss both sides of every issue, especially here in America, what have we come in America?

I will not forsake my beliefs nor my values, made to feel as if they are antiquated and no longer have a place of relevance, because the times they-are-a-changing!

God doesn't change, God's laws don't change, people change.

I will never be about going along in order to get along.

Maybe that makes me a dinosaur or maybe it just makes me grounded, settled and content. Whatever the case, I remain very comfortable in the skin that I am in!

I hope to continue writing for whatever time remains -


AB Williams

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