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Great Land In The South

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  • O great Land in the south

the kingdom of the black

your sacred name in my mouth

Your short hair and dark back

How so hard is it to tell

What joy to be your son

  • I sat in your silent night

On a mount, high and great

I looked from that night so bright

And saw the ancient gate

How so sad to see your pain

Your plight and blood that flowed

  • Your slav'ry and your sorrow

Those years that ran for years

For the joy of tommorow

They all honoured my fears

How so sad to think of it

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Land of heroes,land of strength

  • But there's still hope in darkness

O land,I trust in you

Your might ,your gift ,your greatness

The dark sky will soon turn blue

I love you my Africa

I am proud of you, my land

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BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 11, 2021:

Great words for hope & faith.

Loving one's home

manatita44 from london on July 11, 2021:

An emotive, well expressed and poignant piece.

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