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Souls That Haunt Do Ghosts or Spirits Exist?

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Souls that haunt

Souls that haunt Do ghosts or spirits exist?

The soul that haunts has been perceived many times by different people in the world, and there is evidence and scientific studies in this regard.

Belief in ghosts

The belief in ghosts has supporters and opponents, the former say that they are deceased people, the latter, that they are manifestations of evil. The soul that haunts is enigmatic and terrifying.

The mystery behind life tells us through the testimonies of people with paranormal experiences, the real existence of translucent beings that wander in the shadows and in the dark. To which the majority attribute the qualification of ghost (Soul that haunts).

A large part of the people, as a rule, have an intense fear of ghosts. And they avoid encountering the paranormal. Other individuals instead feel an attraction to these spirits because of the gifts they possess. And they dedicate their time to communication with this kind of manifestations.


Some ghosts think they still live in the body

According to some studies, the human body contains the spirit. Which can be seen in life, by examining the aura. Science has proven that when leaving life, a human being sheds an average weight of 150 grams. And that when examining the person, it is verified that it does not correspond to the loss of liquid, or air, or any body weight that justifies this fact.
Real ghosts are disembodied spirits or souls. The spirits that resided in the human body in life, endowing it with feelings and physical movements, manifest themselves in their respective dimension. And some remain in the material world, because they do not know their condition.

Paranormal investigators state that some of these specters believe they are still alive. Therefore, the soul that haunts recreates itself repetitively in the last event of its existence on earth.


Ghost classes

Paranormal science defines the astral body as a unit made up of three elements, the spirit, the mind, and the emotions. Each possesses ethereal form. And at the time of death, if there is no material attachment, the three unitary elements go up to heaven. But if this is not the case, only the spirit rises, leaving two components in materiality; mind and emotions.

Mental and emotional body: the two remaining elements (mind and emotions), which wander together. The soul that haunts, in this case the ghost has emotions, remembers and thinks. Therefore he tries to manifest his presence and sometimes he succeeds, being seen by the living. In most cases, you want to deliver a message or fulfill a promise or wish.

Emotional body: Considered a common entity. As terrestrial time passes, the ghost weakens because of the elevation of the mental body to the side of the spirit. Then only the translucent emotional part remains, whose actions obey impulsive emotions without reasoning. Sometimes they cause harm to living beings, with their bad energies.


Credibility in ghosts

According to many scholars, there are various credible trends around the existence of the spirit soul and its manifestations after the end of life.

Some religious assert that they are actually demons, pretending to be ghosts (which do not exist) and that they take the form of the person when he lived so that humanity believes in the existence of ghosts or a soul that haunts.

Some testimonies speak of the duplication of the living person, as if it were a spirit. What could prove that these religious are right. But if it were true, these manifestations are still spiritual. Therefore the mystery extends to the fact of the existence of good and evil.

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The paranormal fact is accentuated, presenting according to the experiences, different kinds of spiritual manifestations. In other words, some are spirits of people with other variables. And others are fallen angels who only intend to frighten and leave their bad energy to cause discomfort and negative events among people.


Classification of spirits

According to the apparitions the spirits have classifications:

Astral projection of a living person (in voluntary or involuntary travel) awake or asleep.

Fallen angels (demons) in spiritual manifestation of evil.

Spirits of deceased people (real ghosts).

Limbo and the shape of ghosts
As a general rule, when the appearances of ghosts are frequent, it is because the soul does not rest. Due to pending situations that he did not fulfill while living in the world. Other times it is because of violence and bad energies involved in the end of their existence. The visible form that paranormal entities acquire is also varied:

• Luminous dial.

• Nebula human form.

• Semi-transparent human form.

• Transparent figure with strange sounds or voices (psychophonies).

• Through dreams, while the person sleeps.


Confusion regarding spiritual identities or souls that haunt

Situations where; or they are the fallen angels, or they are emotional beings, who make their appearance among the living. As is the case with almost physical presences, which deceive people, with the purpose of harming them (mental or physical).

People tend to think they are ghosts. But the evil comes from the rebellious son of God who was thrown to earth (Christian opinion). These malignant entities sometimes group together to cause harm or discomfort to the living.



Human beings should not close the door of reasoning to the experiences and testimonies of groups of people, with retrograde skepticism.

Knowledge allied to wisdom leads us to transcendental discoveries in the mysteries of life. Providing the observer with new mechanisms. They provide humanity with the adequate logical and reasonable explanation. Regarding ghostly entities and other spectral manifestations. With the purpose of adequately managing the effects they cause on the environment and on living people.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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