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A Soul Letter!

PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code';

Venus in Gemini;

According to Sydney Omarr's 1993 year-round book, I had already known about my romantic tendencies for expecting to entertain the notion of experiencing the 'spice of life', possessing characteristics which include 'unable to settle down' and 'quick to break-up & divorce.' Of course, I am not proud of those characteristics although, perhaps I was wickedly cursed, not that I ever believed in curses, though;

A lovely reality...kind of;

July 14, 1995AD;

Dear -B,

Thank you so much for mailing our planetary charts which we received in the post yesterday!! We were amazed at the accuracy of the characters which we possess. Quite honestly, it was a bit eerie; even harrowing. Andy could barely continue past the first page -- to quote him, "it's hard to read the mirror (but according to me, it is NOT hard to read the mirror)" Which, reminds me of the part in the film, "Snow White", in which an Evil Queen known for her stolen, immortal beauty asks, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" and the mirror responded, "Snow White as in, the most JUST, as in Justice;

Anyway, the interpretation of Andy's chart was extremely accurate although he thought that my report was approximately 90% true. He mainly referred to the "hard-to-beat me" part of the report and the part which described "show off tendencies" that are alluded to in my astroscope although I am not a show off. He also concluded that he didn't know me as well as he thought...I was embarrassed to share my charts with him. I handed them over to him, smiling;

I know you must have had a chance to thumb through mine -- did you read about my Venus in Gemini? I researched my Venus in Gemini about 5 years ago with Sydney Omarr's 1993 year-round book so I already had known my romantic tendencies for desiring the 'spice of life'/unable to settle down/quick to break up & divorce. Andy didn't especially like that part, however admittedly, it's pretty true and a part of my nature (which I've struggled with often.) Luckily, we had a nice compatibility report. By the way, where is your Venus? Are you and Lino compatible;

Thank you also for the "longer version" you sent me which related to family/friends/career/finances. All the information on those reports is insightful and helpful; Please thank Lino for us, will you;

The LAST Supper;

The Last Supper:  painting by Leonardo DaVinci.


The letter to my aunt betty continues:

How is the turbucolosis going; has anything serious erupted on the Island; are the boys and cats up to no good, as usual; how is Alex adjusting to 'civilization' after a couple of months; have you heard anything more about Alberto's love life; poor kid is caught between a rock and a hard place (pardon the pun) I wish there was a way of skipping stages and phases; in hindsight, as I review and think to myself, "gee, it would have been better to be friends;" I'm sure that all the adults in my life think, "Bibi is a stubborn woman;"

We, Donnie and I, were a couple for a little over two years and if it hadn't been for the fact that Donnie and his family had moved to Palm Beach in 1988, who knows how much longer the relationship would have lasted; therefore, I believe that a residential move usually helps in moving past a relationship; has Illa provided her opinion on the matter related to Alex; I'm sure that Illa won't hold her breath and, I don't blame Illa on her opinion of Alex -- afterall, Illa IS the kid's grandmother and has a right to her opinion and perspective;

The religion issue between Andy and myself is still a torment; we haven't resolved anything; I wrote him a letter and left it in our mailbox with a new CD and some romantic cookies; he read it silently and didn't discuss it; after a few days, I mentioned it again he blew it off with a smile and said, "when you get over your over-emotional state [PMS/period], we'll talk about anything you want, honey;" well, it's almost over (my period) and he's noticed my change in disposition over the past few days; we have a date to discuss 'what's been bothering me' tonight;

Judaism vs. Christianity--no major difference in reality (in a Biblical sense)--


An Illuminated Reflection;

The same letter to my aunt continues:

Guess where I went on Wednesday; I visited St. Patrick's Cathedral in the afternoon; oh, Betty, how I wished that you were all there with me; I especially longed for Illa, for some strange reason its' magnificence embraced my whole spirit; the grandiose smoothness of its marble floors, the gilded statuettes, the woodsy smell of the oak pews and the hollow echo of the organ all welcomed me in their sacred splendor; similar to most church ceilings, the stained glass windows depict the stories and characters of the Bible; only these windows were so immense, their midday glow bathed admirers in their rainbow;

As I made my way through the church, I stopped at every saint's shrine to read his or hers 'claim to fame' plaque and watched other Christians; knelt upon the marble mantles in deep prayer, I could certainly see their bodies, but it almost seemed as if their spirits were not physically on the Earth's plane; I imagined that they were floating above us, someplace between Heaven and Earth, speaking with 'God' or with another 'heavenly' being; I wanted my spirit to join them also; after making my way around the cathedral once, I decided to light my own votive in the shrine of Jesus; I contributed my dollar bill, drew a long matchstick from the ashen tray and chose the most polished candleholder I could find; there, I thanked 'god' for all the love and my strength; I thanked for looking after my family (or so I thought) which I named, name by name, for me and to please give me an inkling as to the direction and purpose my life should take;

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Well, I don't think that I ever made it to the spiritual plane where everyone else seemed to be, however, I did receive a sense of calm, as if someone had said, "I heard you and you are welcome; promise me that you'll come back soon";

[Note: Mind you, I wrote this letter to my aunt B over ten (10) years ago and have not been to any mass nor attended any feast days either; when 'it' first occurred, I spent nearly one and a half (1½) years believing in Catholicism and that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ, but for over 9 years, AFTER the paranormal experience I had, I do not believe in Catholicism nor that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ; in fact, I felt that it was Mary Magdalene whom has been The True Christ and Goddess all along-BibiLuzarraga.

Very worth listening to Brendan's music; if you become a groupie, don't blame me;

March 22, 2017AD--Admittedly, I recently edited the following capsule;

for my HubPages fans for a reason :)BibiLuzarraga.

Brendan bears a remarkable resemblance to someone VERY FAMOUS and "otherworldly" (like Jesus of Nazareth but he is NOT);

Brendan is nicknamed B (like you, Betty) whom usually performs on South Beach in the flesh; a girl I used to hang out with, Nancy, a fierce groupie, attends nearly every one of Brendan's performances and is a big fan; if you have a chance, look her up if you'd like and tell her that I sent you :) you will not be disappointed; Brendan seems quite mature for his chronological age and seems to be an older, physical soul; his songs are deep in double meanings and spiritual; a few of my favorites are "My Soul Will Not Be Sold", "Archangel" and "Royalty"; obviously, he is not god, however, Brendan is an awesome professional musician whom lives on South Beach (I'll give him that much);

April 20, 2017-Happy B Day, Brendan;

Thirty-five years old is a milestone; it's your turn NOW-BibiLuzarraga.

A religious experience...nearly 20 years ago;

I then sat in a pew in front of the Grand Organ; I could not believe the size of the instrument! It was so far up near the ceiling, I could not truly measure nor 'guess-timate' its size...perhaps 60' in length by 30' wide? Its size was huge. I remained in a pew for at least half an hour, reading through the seasonal missal. Everything came back to me -- my vows, my beliefs, the holidays, my schooling, my family background; my soul loved being there for some reason; maybe I was a saint or, a nun, in previous lifetimes;

I've prayed every night since then before drifting off to sleep, ever since I can remember; although, to visit a church is where the bond lies (or, does it really, because now, I don't feel that way [addendum 2017 AD]); I felt at Peace within my Own Soul (or maybe I have felt at Peace within My Own Mind, Heart & Soul, when I have been alone in my own world); that Peace remained with Me; hopefully, it will remain with me; as a matter of fact, Andy may be working again this weekend; if he is, I am going to mass; isn't it wonderful; could you please relay this experience to Illa for me if you speak or see her before I do;

St Patrick's Cathedral, NYC;

St. Patrick's Cathedral (NYC)

Discovering Central Park's inner paths;

I ran into Strawberry Fields (the one dedicated to John Lennon)

Another beautiful experience happened only yesterday. And believe it or not, thanks for the inspiration of walking for an hour a day; I bought new Nike Airs this week and have vowed to walk in the Park daily or at least five times per week in addition to the floor exercises;

Around 7:30pm last night, I briskly walked along the usual, outer perimeter of the Park when about fifteen minutes into the exercise, I was detoured into finding some inner paths because a rollerblade race was due to start on the outer circle; well, I ran into Strawberry Fields (you know, the one dedicated to John Lennon;)

***My Amendment to my 'Soul Letter'***;

In August 2013, I included this capsule to clarify that I wrote this letter to my aunt betty (coincidentally nicknamed -B) in 1995-1996, however, much has happened since then (2007AD-2018AD); besides, if god is supposed to be 'Peace', 'Merciful", "Kind", "Loving", and "Humble"), then why is there so much sad and prolonged suffering on Planet Earth; even animals suffer; personally, it makes me LIVID;

April 11th, 2017AD-I have not stepped foot in a church for many, many years, for a logical reason-BibiLuzarraga.

Interestingly, my bloodline is Basque//(Northern Spanish/French:)

Vatican TV;

Just out of curiosity, I wonder what it takes to get on Vatican TV or, Vatican Radio for that matter; I am most certain that Pope Francis knows, seriously;


© 2014 Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi

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