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Soul Bureaucracy

halley is a man who often pour the hearts and feelings through a poem. the beauty of the words of a message of peace that can unite differen

Soul Bureaucracy

Soul Bureaucracy

Whose life?

all then point and nod

give gestures in response

air fills the cavity

stomach jostling periodically

pumped blood

while we are not the same.

What does life have?

born with a skin that covers

not the same color

different language

on the beach

in the mountains

on the plains

to date

met by chance

then when you reach the end of age

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all fall back into the Earth.

Take Whose Life?

The soul is free to choose

no need to set it because someone already has it

You don't need to be aware because you have been given a thought

no need to be reminded because the one who often calls is death

no need to be tied up because many choose to be captivated

then captivated his heart by a bureaucracy of life.

When Life presents an inappropriate reality

all rush to be the most agile and fierce savage

When life is served delicious

Everyone builds walls, becomes the greatest and feels the strongest

until he remembered when he was given dying.

Manage your own soul bureaucracy

don't be a dictator

don't be an orator

don't be a provocateur

don't be a curator

be a communicator

speak with soul and whole heart

Realize life is not your own.

When all have passed and have learned from the time that has passed.

that's when we all realized

about the bureaucracy of the soul that has been lived

profit or loss.

© 2022 Halley Kawistoro

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