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Woodun Indians

n Gary Oliver Keith-Falconer BA (hons) MA (hons) Ph.D (can) PiTTLs, Mism. Gary is a bestselling poet, author .

A voice for Poetic Justice

A Poetic Voice for Justice

Former Drama and Performance student, internationally renowned and acclaimed poet-lyricsmith, writer and best-selling author Gary Oliver Keith-Falconer has published is most recent book.

Woodun Indian, a Cop 26 Special Edition, is a poetry book of Urban Rhymes, Global Stories and Eco

Poetry to raise awareness of the climate crisis, Woodun Indians is out now on Quhwah Publications.

Gary is a founding member of the DJ School Association, Stoke-on-Trent Caribbean Carnival, The Kids Karnival and U7 Urban Arts and Cultural Centre where he is currently the executive director.

He is a former Mayoral Candidate for Stoke-on-Trent Mayor, a well-known community activist and a voice for the voiceless of the world.

He currently hosts a successful podcast with social comment, cultural poems and current affairs called All Colours and is still an active performance poet.

Much of his formative years were spent as a rave DJ/MC/Promoter at local, regional, and international clubs, venues, and events.

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Such as Shelly’s and Entropy night clubs Longton, Home and Hacienda Manchester and Helter-skelter, Deja vu and Sin City, and many may more.

Gary was also the owner of the Dread Head Coffeeshop and a pioneer of the modern coffeeshop scene.

In 1992/3 Gary toured a number of dates with the Happy Mondays as a MC/DJ and appeared on their live album of the tour.

He also produced and performed the Squidgy 12” single sampling the telephone conversation of Diana Princess of Wales and James Hewitt.

Recently Gary, under his stage name MC Ragga, has produced two albums called Hell Live Hate Dubs and Hellelujah Dubs gaining worldwide success and acclaim.

Other previous publications included Woodun Indians first Edition, the acclaimed Dear Love Powa, Contemporary Common Criminal, MC Rave- his first Novel and Sonnets of Solace published in lock down.

He is currently working on a new novel called DRE AD HE AD, producing a new music album, teaching difficult to reach students and campaigning on issues such as climate justice, right to protest and social justice.

Wooden Indians on Barnes and Noble

Wooden Indians cover

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