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Some Undeniable Truths About America

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America is a relatively young country by historical standards. It is only 245 years old in 2021. We are the lone superpower left after the fall of the Soviet Union. We are a population of 330 million, only 5% of the world population of 7 billion people. Yet, we are number one in wealth, in military preparedness, in commerce and in patents and Olympic medals count and yes, we are the most generous.

How does that happen?

- Aug. 2021

Our Constitution

Our Constitution is unique. It is only about 8000 words but the information and contents are profound. Some in our society today, thinks it is obsolete. On the contrary, some of our problems today, can be traced to specific ideas that was ignored and changed over time. One glaring example is our declining faith among students and the new generation. It started with the Supreme Court decision on Brown vs. Education. A separation of Church and State was miss interpreted to mean there should be no religious acts even silent prayer conducted in public schools.

Two generations after that decision, our public schools are a disaster. The lack of discipline and respect for teachers is common in some inner cities school. Just for comparison, the results of parochial schools compared to public schools are day and night.

Our People...

Our people are the most diverse you can find across the globe. We have citizens from all over the world and in some cases in huge numbers by percent of population. This has always been our history since the beginning. We welcome immigrants from the old world seeking religious and economic freedom.

Our Faith

We were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. To this day, we are one of the most religious nations but we do not have a national religion. By design of our forefathers, we have a government separate from religion. Our people are free to practice and worship any religion or no religion.

Make no mistake about it. Just because we don't have a national religion, does not mean we are a secular nation. Religion always have a place in the fabric of our society. From the early days, a city or town would have the church at the center and government offices share in the same space.

Main street USA is where people gathered to pray and worship and conduct commerce...

When you go into any town even today, you will see a few churches, a bank and a post office and a court house and a drug store and a groceries store located on Main Street.

Freedom and Individual Self Reliance

The freedom we enjoyed in this country is taken for granted. However, if you were to point to one thing that separate us from the rest of the world, it is this freedom to chose. We don't separate people by class as they do in India. We don't separate people by their lineage as in the UK. We are all equal under the law.

The self reliance is an America trait. We were founded by pioneers and pilgrims and people who are risk takers. The West was won by these same pioneers. The believe that we can do what we choose and make a difference and be rewarded for it.

Some Stats

  • Patents - USA tops in total patents issued, 198,000.
  • Nobel Winners - Total of 390 from USA.
  • Olympics - 2523 total medals (Summer Games)
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The truth is America is number one. We may not be perfect, or always done the right thing, but overall, we try and we succeeded for the most part. The part that matters.

We defeated communism and Fascism and Islamic terrorism and totalitarianism over the centuries. We made tremendous progress technologically and even landed the first men on the moon.

We opened our doors and our hearts and our wallets to the world. We defeated diseases and even gave away the food and medicines that saved lives.

We are the number one food producers in the world.

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© 2021 Jack Lee


The-logician on August 04, 2021:

Bravo Jack! Very good points no American should ever forget!

You have won my gold medal! Leave the bronze to the traitors on the Olympic soccer team.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on August 04, 2021:

America is, indeed, a lovely Country. I've never been there before, but I'd love to visit.

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