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Mending Self-esteem

Learning to breathe, I write whatever strikes by hemisphere.



You 've always been shattered by the breeze. You are always unheard scream of silence but you still vent your voice from solemn loudly. You are always whacked into the dark cloud where you can't find silver lining. You can't measure the fathom of the pain you are dealing with. Mostly you are perplexed what is pushing you so deeper into the darkness of pain. Every thing you wish, you expect, and you can't fly. Your wings are dismantled by the thoughts processed. You are always in the battle of proving yourself, proving your presence ; presence to be admired. You enjoy darkness with fear of loneliness. You realize you can't be admired with the spirit; materialization deflect your soul to the trash. You belong nowhere between somewhere and everywhere. You push yourself into abyss, you can't limit the darkness.


Darker but Stronger
You need the realization; presence of Moon. Its darkness, making possible the admiration of beautiful moon. Its okay to bear flaws. You keep on swearing your life as a potato, but it's okay. If life fades to be potato, fry it to the French fries, bake it with sprinkle of salt, pepper and the juice of lime, mash it until its feeling for the pani puri. You are so encountered to the darkness but can't see stars twinkling, admire spark of stars. It's just the eager and the impatience that's blinds you, a seed sowed in a day can't give you fruit within a day. It's gradual process. Loneliness is the step to make you realize, you exist. Your wings are dismantled but you need to know airplanes and rocket exist. Medium are to be found.

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Ps: Still discovering through darkness, much to explore...........

© 2020 Sudesh Jung Pariyar

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