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My Solitude Destiny

I write lyrical poetry with my own experience, events and life. 'Everything was right Jack!' describes that everything was for good in life


The poetry 'My Solitude Destiny' is a real life based lyrical poem. This poetry describe the happiness is not permanent in our life and we may forget bad times during our good days but it will come after the good days.

When these bad times are so mighty that we could not bear these, something in our heart tells us about our own self and then the period of liberation comes at solitude which is described as 'solitude destiny'.

The interesting factor of this poem is every line starts with 'M'.

My Solitude Destiny

My life was in right way,

Me passing with some pain but a lot joy,

Mind was not worry about anything,

Me like I have everything.

My fortune has a different thought;

Minding me something a lot,

Meanwhile storm came to hack,

Mighty for me like a great white shark.

Morning, day and night;

My colour fade became black and white,

Many thoughts used to come that time,

Meaningless my life as like as a crime.

My soul was in trouble, there are no chances;

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Measurement not possible, like the tree branches;

Most of gone, can't be done, what a pain that was!

Mountain was broken on me, it seemed as like as.

Mist of those made me shout,

Meadow then called me out.

Memories are then forgot,

Making me crying and nothing but.

Me after that stop valueless crying,

Mind stopped from anything trying.

My eyes are closed and worriedness loosed,

My breath are gradually slowing.

May it seemed as a death,

Meditator Yogis called it Samadhi state,

Mystical state or what were they,

May come through calmness or pray.

My dear taught me in those wood,

Magnanimity is the holy food,

Meaning of uniqueness solitude is well understood,

My Solitude Destiny let myself to be found.

© 2022 Lalit Prasad Mohanty

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