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Soil and Dust Is Your Best Friend's

Soil and Dust

Why do you think this soil as dirty?
This whole settlement is like mud
Oh yeah 0h yeam

This dust is life

I like the beautiful part

Oh yeah Oh yeam
Because as much as we run away from it
But this is our partner

Oh yeah Oh yeam
Whether you own it or not. it's up to you
She believes in her close friend
Oh yeah Oh yeam
O people of the world, what is wrong with me?
So the whole thing looks like you
Oh yeah Oh yeam
We get rid of it every day
But look. his soil still comes to be found
Oh yeah Oh yeam
O people, why don't we rejoice?
Admit it. otherwise the fault lies with us
Oh yeah Oh yeam
There are beautiful colors in it too Then why does the style open to you?
Oh yeah Oh yeam
Don't fall for this dust again This world seems incomplete
Oh yeah Oh yeam
Why just look at the negative. Change the thinking
And look. there is good in everything
Oh yeah Oh yeam
Dirt and filth are in your heart and mind Otherwise goodness is in all of us
Oh yeah Oh yeam

Oh yeah Oh yeam
muntaha poet


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Muntaha Ansari (author) on February 19, 2021:

Hale you understand ❤️❤️❤️

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