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So Then the Power Went Out! a Little Free-Thinking to Kill Time.

Sunsets always Happen, with or without us.

A nice picture of a Sunset in the Keys last year.

A nice picture of a Sunset in the Keys last year.

No Power? No Way!

A Funny thing just happened to me; the Power went out.

Well, it’s not so funny for some of my neighbors, I’m sure, but Hell, I’m Writer, and my MAC battery is fully charged; so until the power is restored, I can keep doing what I do for several hours almost every day; CREATE ARTICLES, poetry and stories.

Thinking just why this situation is so funny was my first reaction, which was; DAMN, Now What am I going to do?

Where I Live.

I live in a 55+ community and its a relatively new development so we have all underground utilities.

The nearest power station is a little over 3/4 miles away from my community, so I’ll probably not see power company repair truck driving down the street looking for a bad transformer or a kicked out relay, like in the days of my youth.

That would only happen in the “old school” communities. with the ugly power poles stuck in the yards every hundred feet or so, along every street.

Nope, I live in a new world community where every tree and view is precious and should not be blocked by such mechanical spider webs that were once strung together from coast to coast in the past.

No, we get all of our power, communications, and entertainment from underground sources and even our waste is transported away from our homes to underground treatment and dispersal systems. Its as if each house is an island residence where nothing can disturb its lonely beauty.

This might seem a little bit of overkill, but actually, I’ve lived here long enough that I rarely remember how a yard/street/community looked when you glances out your living room window decades ago.

Taken For Granted!

Anyway, back to my personal power dilemma. At first, I got up from my MAC and walked around the house hoping that the lights, the TV and my WIFI would come back on, in that order. But after ten minutes or so, I told myself that I should probably go and do other things such as;

Maybe I should run up the road to the supermarket and pick up a few things for Dinner tonight?

Or, maybe I could drive a little further and get another jug of Grass Killer.

Of course I know that this stuff may be killing people around the world, but damn it sure takes care of weeds, and it does it better than this old man can with a Hoe.

I’ve done the Hoe thing years ago in my youth, and sometimes you just have to tell yourself that tit most likely won’t harm you because you only use a small amount each time, and Hell, how many years do you have left to live anyway?

Or maybe I should take that package that my wife has been nagging me about that we want to send to my daughter in Virginia, on over to the Post Office.

Sure, I’ll probably have to stand in the line there for an hour or more, with my mask on of course, until I can pay the postage and leave. But, I have to do it sometime, and my wife is getting a little huffy over my procrastinations.

Or maybe, I can just drive up to that big Garden Center on the other side of town and walk through their vast selection of plants. Who knows, I my find something I can plant that is beautiful, uses very little water and requires essentially no maintenance. That’s my definition of a perfect yard plant.

But, I digress!

The Exodus of the bored

Actually, within five minutes of having no power, I did notice another thing.

The number of cars going by my house have gone from maybe one every fifteen minutes or so, to several every five minutes.

I guess they had the same idea as me, find something to do!

You see, we Americans may be a lazy bunch when it comes to doing certain things, but damn we do hate boredom, especially boredom that interrupts our favorite football game or movie.

And Folks there is a big game coming on at 1:00PM. I’m sure people are rushing to their favorite Pubs that are filled with large screen high definition TVs to make sure they get a good seat.

So, I have now gone back to what I was working on and I'm trying to finish another article while the power still off.

Oh, bad news, I just went over to my trusty Coffee Pot and damned if that half a pot of Coffee I had waiting for me has cooled off to the point that I know it will not be good.

A Yuck and some data from the Power Company

Hey! Here’s an old Joke that popped into my mind;

A Guy walked into a restaurant and told the waitress to pour him a cup of Coffee. She told him that she was waiting for a fresh pot to finish perking and that it would only be a couple of minutes.

The man replied with;

Well Darling, turn it up, like my Coffee Hot an my Women Hotter!

The waitress looked around the restaurant and at all of the women who were in there and told him;

You’re out of Luck Here, Bubba! On Both Counts!

Well, It’s been almost an hour now, and we’re still without power.


Oh Well, It looks like I’ll be drinking cold Coffee and eating Bologna sandwich when lunch time comes. But maybe I’ll get some work done on that Novel I’m writing?


I just received a text on my trusty CellPhone.

Everyone has a cell phone, Right?

The power company has sent me an apologetic update.

They informed me that at this moment;

There are 694 homes without power,

Our power was “disrupted” at 9:30AM

it is estimated to be repaired by 11:45 AM

And to me their apology seemed sickeningly thoughtful.

Damn don’t you hate computers that are programmed to pretend to have feelings?


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Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on January 07, 2021:

Ertic -he things we do wehn we are bored??? Thanks for the comment and Have a Great Day,


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 06, 2021:

Great. A fun read for sure. Thank you.