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Snow Angels: An Introduction to a Sad Snowy World

Snow Angels by Jeff Lemire

Recently, I watched a show on Netflix called Sweet Tooth. And it was an oddly whimsical, yet dark apocalypse tale I fell in love with. So I looked into the comic book source material and really did not agree with the insanely dark tone of the graphic novel to read it. But the next day I saw that the author of the comic put a short story on sale and I thought it would a good chance to check out his work. The short is called Snow Angels, and this is the review.

What is it about? It takes place in this strange supposedly apocalyptic world. It is a frozen over world and there’s this great very large crack in the ice called the trench. And people live in the trench. They burrowed holes in the walls to live in, and hurt and travel in this endless path this crack provides. They live well enough and are told to never leave the trench. The elders created it to provide everything humans need and the snowman will get them if they dare to climb the walls and leave.

The tale follows a tomboy name Millikin. She gets into a fight with some boys who say she can’t hunt. So she decides that she is going to go into the forbidden zone of the trench to hunt down the biggest Trench Dog she can. But when she gets there, she finds machinery and relics from an older world she didn’t know existed and it shatters everything she knows about the world.

The good? This is a sad, oppressive, tragic world, and it’s portrayed beautifully. Also, the lead Millikin is a very likable and layered character.

The bad? Not a lot happens. And it’s very short. I really wanted more. Apparently, the short ties into a complete comic series of the same name, but I wish it had a strong ending, regardless.

Overall, this story does what scifi does. It creates a new world and situation with a likable lead that really makes you think. And I love scifi that makes you think. So I think it is worth a read. Check it out if you stumble across it.

3 smoothies out of Five

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Overall Rating: An Introduction to a Sad Snowy World


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