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Best Man Curses Couple During Wedding Toast


As much as he does not want to admit it, Diego is head over heels in love with his best friend's bride. He tries to convince himself it is just lust, and he has too much integrity to ever make a move on her when she's with his best friend, but Diego cannot stop thinking about "what if?"

He might just find out.

During his speech at the reception, he says an old Scottish oath meant to be a blessing for the happy couple. But really it is a curse that will make the newlyweds' time together very short.

This is only the prologue of a story that will take two full-length novels to complete. But I'm intrigued all the same. I still don't know if Diego intentionally cursed them or not. I hope he didn't mean to.

Of course, if he didn't mean to, and he really did get the oath from his parents, why were his parents regularly saying a Scottish blessing around him when they lived in Argentina? That does not make sense to me. But this is only the prologue. Who knows what will happen next?

I like Will, Diego's best friend, a lot. As well as Alex, who is Will's wife. They are both really nice and the chemistry between the three of them was great.

The plot is a little formulaic. It actually reminds me of some K-dramas I've seen (Korean Soap Operas) but there's nothing wrong with that when it's well written. And this story is so far. It will be interesting to read more.

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