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Slavery of Elephant

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Forest dweller
A done
Elephant family was
In that family
A playful girl
The elephant was
Who is away from suffering,
In a relaxed and relaxed environment
Used to live
The whole earth was his house
Nature her friend bird
He had friends!

The king of the jungle
Was a girl of
His name was Mrignayani!

one day
Predator cycle
Stuck in
She poor
Your home your family
Got away from her friends,
He himself
Found in bonds,
Splash breaking
That's why
On his body!

She was yearning,
Now she understood everything,
She had been enslaved,
To leave
There was no way

Around the neck
In feet
In the hands
At the waist
All over the body
Chains of slavery
Was gripped!

Now there was only one option!
Of their owners
To agree
To their subordination
Considering your destiny
The future literally
Be handed over to them ...
Disobey his orders
Unbearable sufferings
Suffering till the dead ....

There was no third option…

Such a
Unmoved Agile Azad Hathini
Poor little slave .......

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Many years of slavery passed,
Small free elephant
Adult slave in the palm
Had changed,
From his past
Relationship was broken
Now his existence
Was under subordination
And the future is bleak!

one day
In mriganayani jungle
Own master
Of orders
Was carrying wood,
Only then a free elephant,
That of mriganayani
Was familiar with the agony
Came to him
And said
"How long until Mrignayani
Will you carry slavery like this?
How long to self
Will you continue to waste?
Break your bonds,
Get free
From your exploiters,
From his slavery
Know yourself
Find your history
Know him
Other slaves also
Make slavery feel
When they
You will feel your slavery
Then that
Will get organized and ........
one day
From all ties
Will be liberated!

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