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Poem on Japan

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Japan's Flag

Japan's Flag

Poem on Japan

Kon'nichiwa", we are Japan
We have covered our journey like an advanced clan.
The Earthquake pronity pervades Nationwide
So we have to be wary of it always and be our own guide.
Our flag represents "circle of sun" with a red dot,
We are called the "Land of Rising Sun" amid the position we have got.

We are privy to the UNSDG 3 but achieving it is no stroll
We have fared well in reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health to reduce toll.
Treatment is through Universal Health care and for citizens, expatriates is generally free
This has been done to augment health security.
Among World's healthiest countries, we have rank no. four
We render best education facilities for medical students to hone their skills and make best health facilities sure.

But our healthcare infrastructure is not perfect
We do face problems which from our country we want to eject.
Issues such as stagnating economy and increasing unemployment do exist here,
But we believe in not letting them surge and to this belief, we adhere.
We were pursuing the same ideas and advancing in the same way
We along with the whole world were hit by an encroacher about which we couldn't much say.

It was a pathogen called coronavirus which had apparently come to devastate health of our country,
But we had to stand strong and combat it strategically.
Corona indicator had secured a place in all our country maps,
Even doctors feared our medical system's collapse.
But they didn't try to weasel their way out of it ;
They tried to find solutions and overcome the obstacles as they could not just sit.

Our exports declined,
Factories shut and canceled were the business deals we had signed.
We adopted several measures to protect every countrywoman and man,
Schools closed, travel inbound, on foreigners an entry ban.
But we didn't clamp any strict lockdown,
As in the future, we didn't want to frown.

We chose the principle of 'Herd Immunity'
And all people stood by it with unity.
Our daily COVID 19 cases are reducing day by day,
And we recommend other countries also to go by this way.
So, this was about our healthcare infrastructure which vitiated a bit
But ultimately saved our Nation from this pandemic and our country could remain fit.

© 2020 Advik Aggarwal

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