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Single Goal/Ultimate Goal

Set a Single Goal.

One Thing.

One Thing.

Success is Yours.

Firstly, find your ultimate Goal /Dream/Passion.

Remain Stick with single goal.

I believe in Multitasking;

But, if you want huge success then it doesn’t work.

It’s wastage of energy on multiple tasks.

When energy divides, it doesn’t work.

At the end, everything remains incomplete, Bootless.

While, if you remain persistent on single goal,

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Eager for success, it brings wonderful results.

So, keep intent, set single goal and invest full energy with high potential,

And then success is yours.


Noor on July 20, 2021:


Maryam Fatima (author) from Pakistan on July 19, 2021:

Thanks dear.

Nian from Pakistan on July 19, 2021:

Inspirational poem.

I love it.

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