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Silence (Voice of Heartbreak)

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Inner emotions

Whenever the thought came in my mind that

you are gone , i am like speechless.

Only drops comings in eyes....

thousands of thoughts are in mind....

despite i have no words to tell how i feel.

only a silence occurs behind all that, I am like speechless.

I want to tell you that a fear is always there that,

if somehow we lost touch,

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If somehow our points of bonding breaks,

If somehow this trust gone broken,

If somehow our nights chat gone to an end,

You never know how much will i break inside,

Remained quiet no words only Body slighltly shiverred, and i am like speechless.

Eyelid shines in sleeps because,

Eyes don't hide your dreams.

Every morning when i wake up

the first thought is yours

It was in my routine to think about you and

feel your head over my chest

Whatever your final answer is

But those dreams were so realistic and peaceful......

I planned my dreams with you and mine together

But you just don't care what i feel

Sometimes i found myself frequently smiling

Without any reason since i got crush over you........

There is always a war continue in my head,

My all secrets , all feelings and much beyond

that all are based on these three things.

With her....

For her....

Beacause of her......

It's not easy for me to see u with somebody

else , that's the moment when i don't show

the emotion but it's hurts....

it hurts a lot in inner me...

so i try to end up

but it still remained same for u, i am mad for you........

I can't stop loving you

You have to understand that if somehow it

can be then only you can drag me out of this

speechless situation ,only you.

I am killing me from inside in this early age

beacuase I'm loving someone more than

myself ......

It's going really sucks me slowly that we are just friends....

Sometimes all is not well with time,

Sometimes everything can be go towards an

That's a little parts of the whole emotions of

mine which i couldn't express in front of


Beacause only a silence occurs behind all that, I am like speechless.......

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