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*Side Of Me*


Look In The Mirror
What Do I See
Yet Another Side Of Me
A Side I Hate, A Side I Know
A Side That Pulls Me
To And Fro
Up And Down
Left And Right
Every Day A Constant Fight
To Save Myself
In Any Way
That Makes Me Live Another Day
Lack Of Care Amounting Fast
Positive Thoughts Never Last
Drowning In A Pool Of Blah
I Struggle And Fight
And Kick And Claw
To Remember The Guy
I Once Was
For No Other Reason
Than Just Because
The Dark Vortex Brings Me Hell
My Mind Gets Twisted
And Casts A Spell
That Chains Me Down
And Clips My Wings
The Demons Laugh
And The Devil Sings
The Torment Is Real
Its My Least Favorite Side
To Let It In, Joy Has Died
When Things Go Dark
I Must Be Brave
If I Lose The Fight
It'll Be My Grave

© 2020 Mike