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Show Me Where Are You

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Show Me Where You Are

Are you perhaps one of the stars?
Those stones that glows brightly in the dark
Floating lively in the endless sky
Looking near yet can't be touch because it's too high

Are you perhaps the moon above?
That sole thing I mostly see even in the crowd
Looking gorgeous and big
In the mid sky of my opened attic

Are you perhaps the passing meteor?
Drawing a line full of glitter
The one that can have my attention
In the midst of eternal satisfaction

Tell me where you are
And I will come to you
I don't care how far
As long as I can reach you

I might get caught with too much daydreaming
But I wont hesitate in terms of listening
Seeing how you can be so true
Despite being a dream with too much hue

So show me where you are
Show me the road of your everlasting scar
I am sure to be ready
Just to make you stay beside me

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