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Should I Hug You?


Make a character, take yourself into it, go ahead. Self wrote.


_"You said If I would ever get over you. I can tell you and you won't force me to be with you"

_" and you replied that I am not a mere hobby of your life but a permanent habit"

_"You know people change in a good or bad way."

_"What happened? Are you sick?"

_"You did not ask me if I got someone new. I was trying to allude you that."

_"I can read your eyes."

Eshan gulps. That is what he was afraid of. He knew he can't convince Ena to leave him like that. That is why he was trying to make things natural and stay calm.

_" I don't want to live like a family man. You know, this responsibility, always tense about the future, taking care of children is not my thing. I found out that a long time ago and for my stupidity you will suffer, that is why I was just coping up with things. But now you want a child, and I am running out of my patience. So, there is no way that I can continue it anymore."

_"Yeah, even I don't wanna be a burden on you. But are you sure that is the reason?"

Eshan looks at Ena's eyes, a ray of doubt is growing. He takes the chance to expand it.

_"Look! I know I am a jerk but if you see the facts you will get to know my reasons which are true and legit. I have grown up alone, never got my family's back emotionally. All I got from them is their money. I hated to see them together just because of me. They were divorced and I was the worst force for what they had to get along. So, I just want to make things clear before we take another step."

_"Now you are really acting like a jerk."


Ena is biting her lips. Whenever she gets angry, she does that. Eshan must carry it till the moment when Ena will leave him because he can't leave her. He can't even think about it. So there is only one way is to make her leave him. For that, he needs to stay natural.

_"When I said you that I wanted to make a family with you. I did mean that. I really did."

_"Let me stay here tonight. I will leave tomorrow morning."


Eshan stops for a second and holds his breath.

_" I mean, you live here. You have lost your precious time because of me. You sacrificed so much for me. I can't just let you leave with nothing."

_"Then give me my Eshan back"

Two drops of tears fall from Ena's eyes. Ena laughs with tears in her eyes. It is getting harder for Eshan.

_"You can't, right? I don't need anything but you. So, don't offer these things. I don't want these."

_"Ena, I want…."

_"Do me a favor. Don't put off this bracelet."

This bracelet is hand-made and the first gift from Ena. Ena made it with blue crystal. She believes that the Blue color is lucky for Eshan.

Eshan would cherish it till his death without being told.

_"I won't" Eshan nods.

Ena goes to her room. Eshan is watching a blur is going far and far from him.
Eshan is sitting in the hall room. He writes "Ena" on white paper and hangs it on a wall. He stands one foot far from the paper and sees nothing. He is trying his best but sees nothing but a white paper. His visibility is almost gone.


He cries with frustration and goes to his room. He takes out their memory album and looks at all of his photos with Ena. He almost memorized all of Ena's photos in his brain by now.

"Ena" this one word is almost everything of his life. His happiness, his sorrows, his ups, and downs are all involved with this one person. His biggest responsibility too. Seeing her tears makes him miserable. He feels fulfilled to see her happy.

Ena's first sentence to Eshan was-

_"Should I hug you?"

Eshan clearly remembers. He was standing on a hill with his eyes closed. Suddenly a soft voice. Eshan opened his eyes and saw a girl smiling at him.

He replied with a no to her.

_"Why? I can see you need it."

Eshan thought that this girl is crazy and starts to laugh remembering that how stupidly cold he was to her on the first day.

This girl is a magician for him who has become the most important part of his life in the blink of an eye. For this girl, Eshan was able to recover from his darkness. For this girl, he started to feel alive.

He took enough from her. Now it is time to make her free from his miserable life.
It is dawn already. In a few hours, his sunshine is gonna leave him. He will wait outside to see her maybe for the last time. He can't miss it.

_" I am leaving. You don't have to come outside."

_"No no, wait."

Eshan rushes to her from his room.


_"do you have anything to say?"

_"No, no, I mean. It is so early. You can take your time."

_" I am done."


Ena looks back at Eshan.

_"Stay happy and safe," says Eshan.

_"Can I hug you for once?" that is what he wanted to say but could not.

_"You too."

Ena is going out of his sight. He is rubbing his eyes with all of his strength but can't see her. He sits in a corner of the room and starts screaming like crazy. Tears are falling from his eyes.

Eshan stands up to close the door. He sees Ena is standing there with some papers in her hand. The first one is the paper he wrote her name yesterday night.

Eshan is still crying, so is Ena. Ena comes a bit closer to him and whispers in his ear,

_"Should I hug you?"

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