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Should Writers Use Linktree?

Donetta is a freelance writer. She's had her poems published in Ink & Voices, The Mystic Blue Review, The Reverie, and Spillwords.



What is Linktree?

After discovering Linktree recently, I can only share my thoughts as a new user.

Linktree is a biolink tool and essentially a landing page where you can add all of your links in one place. For example, your Linktree can hold the links that direct visitors to places where your writing can be found.

For now, I've included the links to my articles on Medium and HubPages. I included a link to my blog on WordPress, Donetta Writes.

You can also direct visitors to social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Also, there's a place to include a link for visitors to be able to pay you. Examples are PayPal, Venmo and Cash App.

Linktree vs Websites/ Blogs

Should Linktree take the place of a Website or Blog?

This depends on your goals. Speaking as a writer that's trying to get started with freelancing and earning a living writing, I think a website is essential. Blogs can be looked at as a hobby or a diary of sorts. However, if you're trying to showcase your writing skills, promote a novel you're getting ready to publish or have published, or offering your work for hire then your blog becomes a space to personally relate to potential clients.

I know that I enjoy visiting a writer's website to learn more about them, their other writings, upcoming projects and other information that you can't add to Linktree.

I don't think Linktree should be used to replace having a blog or website. Linktree can compliment your blog or website. What I mean is anyone visiting Linktree can be directed to your blog/ website so it's useful to have.

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to using Linktree as a writer.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Showcasing your links on one landing page
  • Quick link to all your Social Media accounts
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  • It's not a substitute for a website
  • Short space for your bio - 80 characters
  • Free plan may not accommodate your needs
  • Just a list of links

Final Thoughts on Linktree

I have been known to find an interesting platform and quickly set up an account only to realize that I don't have any use for it. However, I already have used Linktree.

The great thing about using Linktree is being able to add your Linktree link to sites like Twitter or Instagram where there's not a lot of room to add links. I've already added my Linktree link to my Twitter account.

I like the simplicity of one landing page where I had to make the 80 characters count in my bio, all my writing links are on one page and visitors can quickly visit my social media accounts. Also, you can add a contact page which can be handy if you're trying to find work freelancing or if you're selling something.

A basic outline of my free Linktree account is:

  • profile picture
  • title
  • bio - 80 characters (I'm sure a paid plan offers more)
  • contact page
  • links to my writing platforms
  • link to my consultant page for Perfectly Posh
  • social media accounts
  • venmo account

As you can tell, this biolink tool can be simple and useful.

Has anyone else used Linktree and if so, please comment your thoughts on this tool.

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