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Should Facebook's Community Guidelines Replace the Us Constitution?


Should it be replaced?

Simply put, yes. If you even need to question that then you're probably a racist.

The US constitution was written over an 11 year period. The founding fathers carefully wrote it with much debate and editing to ensure it was understood and to be all inclusive. They never mention race or sex in the entirety of the constitution. That shows how racist, homophobic and sexist they all were. Which means the document is racist, homophobic and sexist.

Facebook cares so much

Facebook guidelines are updated regularly, which means if you say something today that's ok when they update the community guidelines in a couple of years they'll take it down. Even though it didn't break any rules when it was posted.

It's because they care about protecting you from such evil things like hate speech. They know that people are too weak to handle someone else's viewpoint. So if they disagree with it then it gets taken down. For your safety.

It's dangerous for a person to be confronted with two facts that contradict each other. People would have to evaluate for themselves based on results and efficiency which was true. Facebook solves that problem of thinking for yourself by standing firmly on one side of an issue, (the side their favorite politicians are on) and will fact check and ban everything that doesn't agree with their side.

Isn't that childish?

Yes and no. The good people at Facebook have been acting like this since kindergarten. (Shaming people for having their own opinions, shutting people up, making others feel unwelcome at the lunch table). But they're adults now so it's not childish. You're childish.

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They used their childhood to hone these skills that have made them such powerful leaders today. Silencing anyone who disagrees with them such as: People who debate science, those who question election results, the crazy people who think America isn't racist, people who believe covid came from a lab. (Oh, wait that last one is ok to say now because orange man isn't there anymore)


The constitution doesn't guarantee anything other than freedom. Facebook community guidelines guarantees that you'll be protected from freedom.

The constitution was written by a group of people that you can look up and read books about to understand their lives and viewpoint better.

Facebook community guidelines are written by mysterious, unknown people. That makes it like this holy text because you don't know who wrote it. It could of been God!

Also the constitution is old. That means that those people don't understand life anymore and how people are today. Facebook community guidelines change more often than the oil in your car. So imagine if the constitution changed like that. It would be great! New laws based on feelings instead of logic! Laws that will make an honest person a criminal in seconds!

Don't support a fair trial? No worries, with Facebook community guidelines as the new constitution no one will get one! Right to jail!

Every hot topic of the day will become a law until it's proven to be a bad idea.

So say goodbye to freedom and say hello to security!

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