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Short Summary Of Book Brain Power

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If you want to increase your brain power then read this article and learn something new about your wonderful brain. As per authors Mr. Michael J. Gelb and Mrs. Kelly Howell, our brain is designed to improve itself but it entirely depends upon how we are going to use it.

After doing lots of research over many years they have come up with some conclusion and they have shared their outcome in their famous book called “Brain Power”. In this book, they have shared eight scientific ways to improve our brain capacity even with the aging cycle. So, let’s understand a few important topics from this book.

Be positive about life :)

Be positive about life :)

Think Counterclockwise And Believe In Positive Attitude

Although a large number of people believe that our brain growth stops as we age. And we use to think that we could learn anything when we are young. But as per the authors by having this belief we are suppressing the power of the positive attitude.

As per one research conducted in 1970, it was found out that if you revisit good memories and act that way then this can have a positive impact on our life. This experiment was conducted on two groups of old people and results were positive in both cases.

After this experiment, there were lots of positive changes in their thinking, behavior, attitude, and doing work. Then researchers came to the conclusion that the power of a positive attitude towards life plays an important role.

Be A Life-Long Learner

Whether you believe or not we are actually born with lots of curiosity and passion. But when we are in school we have to take some subjects whether you like it or not. Due to this, we have to face embarrassment quite a time.

After passing school and colleges we have to take those careers in which we have zero interest and passion. And due to this, we miss out on many opportunities in which we are really interested. Plus, we never try to learn new things because of family pressure and career.

But as per new research and neuroscientist, learning new things in life is the best way to improve your brain. So, if you are missing and want to fulfill your hobby then once again ignite your passion and start learning new things. It will help to increase your brainpower.

Have a great relationship with friends and family

Have a great relationship with friends and family

Cultivate Healthy Relationship

It has been observed that having a healthy relationship with family and friends plays an important role in our well being. If you want to stay sharp and well then you need to have a strong family bond. If you look into the history of any healthy person you will find that they have a great relationship with others.

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It is also observed that if you try to stay alone for long without any motive in life then it can affect your brainpower. There are chances that you might start losing your thinking capacity and feel depressed or demotivated.

Your brain health is directly connected with your overall relationship with the people around you. It is good for you to remain busy with your task but you also need others’ love and affection for your overall healthy growth.

Importance Of Healthy Diet In Life

Our eating habits are proof that we always need to eat healthy and fresh foods. And we need to sit in a relaxed position while eating. Eating such foods will not only benefit our body but also good for our brain.

As per some research, it is believed that our human body is made up of between 30 to 50 trillion cells. And it is believed that within one year these cells die and replace by new cells. So, the kind of food you provide to your body act as a pure fuel to these cells.

There are some major components that your body and brain need. Some of them are water for dehydration, fresh and healthy food, and eating antioxidant foods like lemon, apple, orange, etc. This way not only your body will be protected but also your brain capacity will also improve.

Power Of Daily Exercise

There are many benefits of physical activities. It will not only improve our body movements and also help in improving our brain function. But now-a-days people are becoming lazy due to advancements in technology. Their lifestyle is changing and people are watching more television than before. Due to this, it is affecting our body and brain.

There is something call neuron inside our brain. They are like the roots and branches of any tree. When we do physical exercise this activity helps neurons to grow well.

The best part is you can select any kind of exercise to help neurons to grow well. You can do jogging, walking, going to the gym, dancing or even yoga or ever simply cycling.

If you like reading this article and want to read the complete book then use this link and purchase this book.

Purchase this book by using the link shared in the above paragraph

Purchase this book by using the link shared in the above paragraph


The human brain is a very important part of the human body and in fact, the brain controls the organs. We need to learn ways to improve our brain functions. There are many ways to improve our brain activities and I hope the above points will help us in learning some of those ways. Remember your brain has great potential and it is up to you how to use them in day to day life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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