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Short Story" Beauty in the eye of the beholder"

Within My Eyes!


Let me take you back in time, to where as a 7 year old girl my story begins....... I was awakened to the sound of my mother's voice.... "I've bought you a lovely blue dress" she said, "hurry were going for a drive into town, daddies waiting in the car." I quickly dressed and ran to the car." Can we visit the shop on the corner" I asked. It was the most interesting shop in town, an antiques shop full of old toys and unusual things.

We walked inside and as I wandered around, I was drawn to a glass cabinet filled with toys. Suddenly one of the dolls toppled over banging into the glass. The shop keeper rushed over to see what had happened." No harm done" said the shop keeper picking the doll up. "what a pretty doll" said my mother, she looked down at me and smiled," We'll take this as well please" she said handing other items to the assistant.

We arrived home and I ran upstairs and placed the doll on my dressing table, "I'll call you Anna" I said smiling broadly. As my mother called me down for tea, I turned and headed for the door. Suddenly there was a noise behind me, I turned to find Anna rolling off the dressing table, I quickly picked her up and laid her on my pillow and hurried downstairs for tea.

The following day I arrived home from school, I ran upstairs to my room and buried my face in my hands and wept. How could they be so mean to me, I told myself. The girls in school were always calling me ugly, I knew I wasn't the prettiest girl around but their words cut deeply. I picked Anna up and looked at her lovely long hair with ringlets flowing over her shoulders, "If only I had hair like that" I told her. "If only I had beautiful blue eyes like yours all the girls in school would be jealous". If only I was as slim as you I would be the happiest girl around".I picked Anna up and put her on the bed next to me and went to sleep.

The next day in school the bullies were even worse, they laughed at me and called me fat, they taunted me for the colour of my ginger hair and freckles. I ran home crying, desperately trying to hide my tears from my mother, I ran to the safety of my bedroom. I slumped onto my bed and picked Anna up, "If only I was as beautiful as you my life would be perfect" I told her.

As night fell I drifted into sleep, I was awoken by a whispering in my ear, was I dreaming, my head turned, It almost sounded like my doll was talking . "I can help you" said a voice, I looked in disbelief doll's cant talk, something strange was happening. The voice came again " place me in front of the mirror and stare into my eyes, say 3 times I am you, you are me, make this change let it be".

I felt confused and a bit frightened, but was determined to do something to stop the bullying and make myself beautiful, so the other girls in school would accept me. I placed my doll in front of the mirror and stared anxiously into her eyes willing something to happen, "Please help me Anna" I begged. I repeated the words over and over " I am you you are me make this change let it be" I stared into the reflection in the mirror, into her eyes and then into mine. At first nothing happened and then there was an eerie quietness and the room went cold, the window threw open and the wind howled around my room, I screamed and all fell silent. I looked at my reflection and couldn't believe my eyes. I touched my face in disbelief, my skin was perfect like porcelain, I ran my fingers through my long hair, now flowing in ringlets over my shoulders, I looked at my beautiful blue eyes shining brightly. How beautiful I am I thought, no longer will I be bullied, how jealous all the others in school will be.

Morning came and I was awoken by my mother calling me for school, I looked in the mirror It wasn't a dream, I truly was beautiful, I looked just like a doll. The bedroom door opened and there stood my mother " come on daddies waiting to take you to school" she said. I tried to walk but my legs wouldn't move, I tried to talk but no words could I say. I stared in disbelief and watched in horror, Anna had now entered the spirit of my body, she turned and walked towards my mother, who was still standing in the doorway. "just getting my books mum" she said as she smiled and placed me on the dressing table in front of the mirror.

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I stared helplessly into my mother's eyes willing her to see that it wasn't me and I was now trapped inside a doll's body. My silent screams within went unheard, as Anna looked back and then closed the door behind her,my heart sank and I longed just to be me again.

And now many years later the familiar turn of the metal key in the door echo's around the small dark antique's shop, as the owner turns the lights off and leaves to go home. I sit looking down at my legs outstretched in front of me, the tattered lace surrounding the edge of the blue velvet dress I'm wearing is far from the once new, vibrant colour I remember it being. I look at the rigid limbs of my arms and my hands poised with elegance, but I feel no blood running through my veins and the beat of my heart is nowhere to be heard. My long hair twisted into ringlets cascade over my shoulders but my hands will never lift to comb it through. I stare at the glass cabinet in front of me, imprisoning me. I look through my glazed blue eyes, still to the world but I see and hear everything. Trapped in a body that cannot move I long for life.

Daylight comes and another day begins, the metal key turns in the door and the light switches on. The old grey haired shopkeeper lowers her head as she passes me, sorry she says as she walks quickly past, her eyes avoiding contact with mine. Sorry isin't enough, I say silently within my head. I can almost feel an invisible tear rolling down my cheek, how could she have done this to me, the pain inside me is unbearable. The shop door opens "good morning" the shopkeeper says, " good morning Anna says the customer......" Please help me I'm 7 years old!"..... I scream from the silence of my prison within the glass cabinet. BUT NOBODY HEARS!


Dale J Ovenstone from South Wales UK on September 23, 2017:

Remarkable story you have a great imagination, chilling and kept me reading. Thanks for sharing

red mermaid (author) on January 15, 2017:

Thankyou for taking the time to read Becky

Becky Katz from Hereford, AZ on August 26, 2016:

Chilling story.

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