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Children Short Stories - My Dream about Little Pencil

Another sweet little story by my six-year-old daughter Saanvi Param Arora. Beautiful imagination of a little brain coming in play.

Pencil Short Story

Pencil Short Story

There was a little pencil who lived in a place named the Dark World. Once she (Pencil) went to take a stroll in the garden. Soon she reached a wall. Suddenly someone spoke, ‘hi little Pencil, I am ‘Light World’. She replied, ‘hello’ but she got scared and ran away. While running she saw a snake that stared at her with the red eyes. The Light World spoke again, Little Pencil, I know you are in danger, but don’t you worry I am here to protect you. Light World said you are in danger because you are in the Dark World. It is very risky to live there. Why don’t you come and stay with me in my Light World? I know you are concerned about your family; you can go and meet them anytime or you can bring them here to live with us. But for now, you need to be safe. Little Pencil started thinking, she didn’t know who the Light World is, and her parents always warned her about the strangers. Light World said I know you have been well educated by your parents to stay away from strangers, however, I want you to close your eyes and see the past when your parent came to meet me with one of their friends in the light world. Listen little Pencil, you must choose between a stranger and danger.

Little Pencil closed her eyes and saw the past when her parents visited the light world. She opened her eyes and said thank you Light World for making me aware. I will come along with you.

Both went back to the Light World and the pencil started living happily. On the other side, a little Pencil’s family started to get worried. They checked all over the house, the garden, and the entire Dark World. When they couldn’t find her, they started searching the Light World. While trying to find her in the Light World, they searched the garden, where they found little Pencil sitting on the bench. On seeing her parents’ little Pencil was extremely happy and ran towards them and hugged them tightly. Then a little Pencil explained the whole story and took them to the “Mr.Light World”. Her parents said that they know the Light World for a very long time. Now, little Pencil and her family started living happily in the Light World.

But the King Snake of the Dark World made another attempt to ruin the life of the pencil. One day when a Pencil was sitting the garden Mr.Snake of the Dark World came back and said that I will eat you Pencil. The Light World was seeing this and he came in between and warned the Snake to stay away from the Pencil. Snake said that she is my food and I will eat her. You took her away from my Dark World. Now I will eat it and take my revenge from you. Light World said, listen Snake I warn you. I have brought Pencil in my custody. If you harm her I will end you and the Dark World forever and everything will merge into the beautiful Light World. Snake said I am not scared of you. I am going to eat Pencil. Light world said I am warning you last time Snake. Snake opened his mouth wide to eat Pencil and Light World said STOP!. And Snake was cut in pieces and the entire Dark World was changed into the beautiful Light World.

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BrillzLife by Param Arora (author) from New Delhi, India on June 23, 2020:

Thanks Nidhi.

Nidhi on June 23, 2020:

Young bright mind.. Very creative..

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