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Define to Align - "Shifting"


Define to Assign

Isaiah 5:20-30 King James Version (KJV) 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

Woe means there is great sorrow, and grief because of the issue, or for any matter where alignment is faulty, or a failure wherein, communicating is ineffectively articulated. Why because good is being called evil, and evil is being called good. Good should always be called good because it is good, plain and simple. When modifiers are needed, such as very good, to transport words to another caliber, only then is the word being taken from the root cause. It depends on who is speaking the word. Scripture alleges that God went from declaring something good to very good, did very good minimize, or maximize the word good? How can one declare good to be evil, when that approach would be bearing false witness. God did not call the things that are not as though they were, He called what was, what it was and is.

Proverbs 4:23

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life

Confusion can creep in when good is compared to evil, rather than contrasted, signifying diversity and difference, not comparison provoking competition. My understanding of the word compare is for the purpose of aligning something to determine the likeness or unlikeness only. Comparing things is more of a combat approach to an idea, because the result can be favorable or unfavorable. Contrast speaks more volume to the idea, seeing that it is one idea that can be seen two different ways, but produce one result.

Justice balances what is aligned, between the two extremes, but is one idea. Good and good is one idea, good and evil are two which makes evil another idea requiring further thought than good. The challenge offered for knowing good, and evil was not an inquiry, or a question asked, do you want to know? For those who understand that they can ask themselves the question, do I want to know evil because I know good. Do I want to know it is very good, and drop the evil completely.

It is unrepentance that wants me to know how to be as God knowing good and evil, repentance wants me to understand what it is good, and very good means, and not what is called good, that is evil. Repentance through law wills, and wants me to understand, how to be a woman, who understands good, under and as a created standard, not merely a formed one, and not be as God. Breath is what translates the soul and separates the breath of God from, man and woman

(Proverbs 11:3a) The integrity of the upright shall guide them:The integrity or honesty of the upright shall guide them is what this verse in the Book of Proverbs counsels and advises. Adherence to this instruction compasses both great and small issues. Honesty is a virtue worth possessing, and allowing it to possess me as well, is beneficial for and to me. It is a individual directive, and decision to choose to live upright, or in other words strive to do the right things at all times. Grace and peace

The Truth or Error - Which Assignment?

On the stage, or forum of examination the terms good, and evil are things compared, not examined as differing aspects used for greatly determining truth. As the east is from the west, what is in between is where the discovery is to base all principles, and precepts upon. Calling evil good is how principalities were formed, to date good principles given under the law are being ignored. Alignment of good principles with good principles is healthy mind management. Good principles cannot be aligned with evil principles, only one can be chosen, the good! This is when the right to choose is operative, because it is right to choose good, and not right to choose evil. This is a reason to open the application of repentance within oneself, to determine the usage of right contrasted against evil. Self negotiation under the law of a word is crucial.

Principles should be housed under created law, not merely formed law. Formed law is man/woman imposed that can be chosen and unchosen in second. The law can really only be chosen or the effects of wrong choices are the result. The result is the man/woman becomes the (weapon) rather than their words become formed against or for, which can prosper or succeed, or not prosper or fail, if allowed. No weapon, and no word formed against me shall prosper or succeed. Why? If the words spoken are not in compliance with established law they will fail, whether they are spoken or not.

Moreover, why is it possible to allow good words from the mouths of evildoers to succeed? Formed law produces the letter that kills everyone, and anyone in its path. The created breath of law gives life. It is my responsibility if I speak what is not good to correct myself to move forward successfully. Repent to speak good and evil, fleeing evil always, knowing that I am not exempt from these unprofitable utterances because I have ears to hear them.

Unrepentant words are dangerous, and harmless at the same time. The speaker of evil words will always need forgiveness to continue speaking these words, if they don’t slow their roles, and repent and think about what they are thinking and speaking. Thinking requires more thinking. Alignment is absolutely essential for the revolution, which will never be televised, it must be thought out carefully, what to revolve around. Words and principles are revolutionist, not people. Thinking is a revolution, and a resolution process. Selah, means pause to think about what you are reading, or thinking, and are about to speak, is it principle based? Is it in alignment?


Principles are not Principalities

Principle: a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning: essential quality; law; moral rule: true to her principles; doctrine: the principle of the matter. In elementary school principle was know as the main idea. After reading a lesson, teacher would ask, what is the main idea, or moral of the story?

Principal: main; foremost; the person in charge: the school principal; a capital sum (of money) not to be confused with principle. Pronounced the same at times, but meanings differ.

Some on the war path subdue principalities and powers, but, is there a reality check as to whether it is a principle or principal they are attempting to subdue. Are they aware that the law consist of principles and that elders mostly are principals. Yes, they are after evil principals to cast them down along with the powers they use to train and bully, and not instruct or guide. I am not sure which of the two they are seeking to cast down, because the inability to adhere to basic principles of law. Watch your step if you are secretly working against the success and progression of the law, don't become a defeated foe striving against the principles of law. Man and woman may fail, but the law will not fail to do what it is commissioned to do, neither will the principles of law fail. I may fail, but the principles of law will not. I repent for the failure, but failure is no place to dwell, it is where the further work of the principle dwells.

This is also how bearing false witness is ushered in as a possibility, by hearing what you, and only you can’t prove beyond the shadow of doubt. It is lawless thinking because it doesn’t align or sync words with the quality it infers. A principle is a principle and a principal is a principal. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. Good is good, and evil is evil, good is not meant to ever be in agreement with evil. Segregation was needed as a civil action for thought as well: the action or state of setting someone or something apart from others: It is an error, and mistake that only rethinking, or repenting and even venting can solve, or it sets in motion error in even breathing to think.

Twisted alignment didn't and does not come from God, it came from wanting to be like God, but not knowing whether He is good or evil, or both. Knowledge introduced this phenomenon, not God. God is quoted as saying it is good, then modifying good, by very good. Where did knowledge of evil come from? Believing one could be as God and know evil as well as good. How is that working today? Not very well. God is the alignment Master. Evil placed itself where very good should be, you will be as God knowing good and very good, or you will shirk your responsibilities following after evil and its doers.

Angle or Angel

To breathe under this premise of evil is an error, and it will program self towards error, this is woe. Woe is me, when, and if I err in aligning myself with godly thoughts. Here is what a look at a perpendicular idea of something looks like, and resembles at an angle; with it the ability to change the structural pattern at an angle of to a given line, plane, or surface: Take a look at the angle ( /) it is slanted, not straight, this line (l) is a straight line, is the slanted line the equal of the straight line? Comparing the lines end at difference, now I must contrast the difference for substance.

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No, it is on a slant denoting there is a difference, the only thing it has in common is it is a line as well, but alignment has been altered for another purpose. Who produced the crooked line the idea of angle or an angel? Can the crooked be made straight, it depends on what the use of the crooked is, in this instance of perpendicular, it is used contrasting something that is not alike and not aligned, but at an angle. The angle changes the context of the line.

The angel changes the whole story, it is still his and her story under the law of man and woman. You need the law of angels to introduce the angelic alongside the human experience, ignoring laws of the universe, world and earth are not apart of the affordable health care package in which case, money cannot buy. Thought must be spending power, and time empowers that process. How to spend time correctly is a lofty goal? Don't waste a moment and not repent. Time is a precious commodity it can't be brought, or sold, that is angular delusion.

The Word Woe Produces the Incentive to Repent - Correction is Needed - Sorrow has made a Touchdown

Woe unto those that are wise in their own eyes. Wisdom is said to mean the right use of what you know, this is what being wise is identified as. Wisdom that is not used correctly is not right. Right and right are aligned, correct and correct is aligned. I find beIng right is short lived, if someone has to be wrong in order for me to be right or to prove it. Correcting wrong is not the function needed, it is keeping what is right correct, this is what keeping the law should look like. The law can’t be trusted under man/woman alone.

Man shall not live by bread alone, by the law alone, but by the breath of good which is spoken to man, he in return speaks and writes what has been inspired by the breath of God. We call it the Word of God, because of breath which is trusted to have preceded the words. That is what is the premise of the Word of God. I find that good gets lost in transmission, and confusion as to who is speaking surfaces. Is one speaking what God spoke or what man/woman spoke concerning knowledge of good and evil, isn’t that what a repeat offender looks like? It is good, it is very good that is what the Bible says God said. Woe is man/woman under fire, under hardship and heartache.

This is how the fall is said to have been set in motion according to the premise found in the Book of Genesis. The issue of being as God knowing good and evil. How would one conclude that God is either good or evil? We always seek to align God with good, not evil, but we should align God with is God, good with good, and evil with evil. There would be no need to speculate if God is either, the question is are we good and evil?

Aligning oneself with good doesn’t ensure that evil will not creep you. When evil has succeeded to be the creep that it is, it changes the alignment and focus to crisis and chaos. To bring something out of sequential order, breath and words are necessary. You will need to breathe good and evil simultaneously, not separately. Separately is it is good and it is very good. The Apostle Paul is reported as saying, when he would do good evil was present, that is called struggle. The past slapping you with the deeds silenced under grace, but loud under law. It seems the law is shouting, it is really man and woman who shouts, the law just tells the truth in all tones. We just have a problem with our tone and it distorts the interpretation of law.

This scenario seems or looks like balance but it is out of balance because good and good is a balanced ideal, not good and evil. Evil is a thief that never can pay good. Except through deception you believe evil can pay anything but evil. Aligning good with evil is the rebellion that is the sin of witchcraft, and voodoo. Voo voo and doo doo, are aligned, voodoo is not, it is the thinking of the wicked. You say something good, they speak evil.

Finding something evil to say with thoughtlessness, with no respect, or regard for others, and without even repenting, just giving themselves more opportunities to breathe out cruelty without restraint, repentance will restrain speech, when repenting is chosen with venting. Be angry, but sin not, repent and correct words so that they can minister life, and do not cause chaos in the air. Speak and speak, and do and do, align this activity.


The use of voice, and the act of doing what the voice inspires, or influences. Voo as pertaining to inspiration, is if God inspired a voice, it is good and very good, why not voice or do that which is inspired, or the influence of the the voice that you heard can be as God knowing both good and evil. Wanting to know evil seems rather greedy when God did not offer it. Needy is understood because I need to understand good to do it, but evil is twisted, and always has the angle of just blame that angel for the evil you are doing.

The perspective of voodoo under a positive sign speaks a different message because good is the only virtue producing value. Evil cannot agree with God, it opposes who God is not, the Creator of evil. Prove God created evil and launch yourself under unrepentance as the death which always stings. A false god perhaps, but not the true and living God, that is a voodoo thinker shirking the responsibility to just speak and do good and get promoted to very good, avoiding corrupt communications, it takes restraint not to be continuously imaging vain things. Actively casting them down.

The premise of knowing good and evil, rather than separately thinking about each issue is voodoo. The idea is criss-crossed, just as the Prophet discovered to pronounce woe. What is the answer to this dilemma? Repent to untie voodoo thinking, you don’t have to be a witch or sorcerer to speak voodoo, comparing good and evil as opposing interests, when they really are not. Good equals good, and evil equals evil. Man equals man, not woman, Woman equals woman, not man, neither equal God.

The proposal to be as god, knowing good and evil is a cursed state, how come it wasn’t offered as be as man and woman, knowing good, and evil, because the plot was to get man, and woman to leave their first estate, and to shirk this responsibility, In these times it is being seen plainly, the transgender community is leaving their first estate to be what they were not formed.

The law of man must be with man, the law of woman must be with woman. If they believe that they can be as a woman, or if they are a man, or vice-versa, that is an act of voodoo, calling those things that are not as though they were under principles of evil, not good. To tell a man, and a woman that they can be as gods is rude and it is confusing. Which one can be the god, the he or she? It looks like they swiped identities not being able to be as God. The law of man, and woman was and still is in jeopardy. Jesus Christ calls men out of jeopardy declaring sonship, what is a son, he is a he, not a she, she is daughter.

How old is this premise, it is why King Solomon could say there was nothing new under the sun. The Prophet Isaiah in the 43rd chapter gave a new focus to this endeavor, he said, a new thing was an incentive, but how effective could it be with the alignment disorder? The law is the most perfect idea ever given, it is the fulfillment that is disheartening. Waiting for Jesus to do what must be adhered, acknowledged and done by me as well. I didn’t become exempt from law because of Jesus’ sacrifice, the keeping of law is more spiritually discerned under breath. Whomever is spiritual judges all things, not people, the Scripture states who should judge who, it admonishes me to judge and examine myself, the law judges all things, every intent, motive, desire, emotion, imagination, all senses and the usage.

Isaiah 43:19

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Shall ye not know it, speaks of something to happen as a new thing. The new thing is written in the now, presently, it cannot change the past events, but it can always change the present way of perceiving and preserving the now. Now faith is, right now at this very moment, because this moment will be the past before you can blink. The past fills up fast leaving the present void of its newness. I understand now the emphasis of salvation/redemption in the today, if you hear, not to harden your heart. It must be done now, today, if you harden not your heart. The heart hears breath in ways that aren’t even known. Why did the Prophet accuse the heart of being deceitful, and desperately wicked, and added a question, who can know it? Breath was not under the correct auspices to inspire the senses, and soul, towards the life breathed under God, the good, very good announcement.

Is there an excuse for a hard heart which ignores the principles of law? No, there is a reason that cannot excuse evil, the reason is the law will never excuse or accuse evil, it accuses and excuses the individual who performs the evil until the life is aligned to the law to render a decision. Calling good evil is a territorial and jurisdictional call, not a lawful call. The law doesn't need any help, but I know and understand that I do need help, I am co-dependent upon laws that inspire the woman or man to speak and write. They are divinely breathed to him and her and of value.

The breath referred to doesn’t confirm bias, or need to differentiate man from woman, that is their role as men under the law, and so is it with women under the law of he, and she, which is unbreakable. Manhood is under the law of manhood, there is no escaping the law that governs manhood, Womanhood is under the law of womanhood and can not escape either. You either comply or you don’t, acceptance is and it isn’t optional. Nothing can change the law, just respect it because it is not by might, nor by power, it is by the breath of law that all good things have been established towards their own purpose. Now is the time for all good men, and women to come to the aid of repentance. Break up all the fallow grounds of falsity. Make the effort not to bear false witness, if you were not there it is hearsay, I don’t desire the role of the heretic, as I hear I say or do, void of thinking how that lines up. It is time for a shift towards alignment changes.

Cooperation in shifting atmospheres is something each individual has a part in by speaking the truth in and through repentance bringing love to the surface, and into experiences. The perfect love that cast out fear, love does the work of evicting fear, because fear will only torment. How can one fear God and love God? Reverence, Awe, Respect are not fear factors, they introduce love. Fear of love, is fear of fear tormenting you. Be brave, and courageous, not a coward. Moreover, what ever you do, please do not play with love, lust will be the only one you will ever play with. Lust is evil, passion under the correct auspices can define that aspect you seek.

Habakkuk 2:2 - And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Proverbs 29:18 - Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Territorial minds only recognize territory as being their own, with no foundational or fundamental proof, is that a good territorial attitude or an evil one, it is good if you can create everything that is needed in it for the territory. Yes, I said create, I will not adhere to possessing something invented or produced for decorum, it is not a creation.

Synchronization - The operation or activity of two or more things at the same time or rate

Align Creation with Creation, God with God. Angels with Angels. Man with Man, Woman with Woman, without sex. Did the Creator fall? Then what right is there to broadcast a fallen part of creation, when the focus is the fall of man and woman. The fall of man has been and is continuously being exposed for the purpose of aligning to law, hocus pocus introduces the fall of another species is an inclusion space that it can not be, exclusion speaks what does the fall of an angels, really have to do with the fall of man, and woman under the law. The Angels are under angelic law, not human law.

Alignment of thinking is an essential aspect of the thought process for defining all things and putting them in the proper place. I begin this aspect of the probe from the premise of the Book of Genesis. Focus dedicated to the hocus pocus involved in the understanding of the idea involving the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I can only speak for myself, however, I thought that good was good and evil was evil. The lopsided or unparalleled premise used to describe the function is in the form of an X or criss crossed. X symbol represents wrong.

I see a point of interest in the alignment in looking at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is a confused theory which can confuse thinking progressively. First knowledge would have to be aligned with knowledge between two laws, man and women, not good and evil, or can it be inferred that one is good and the other evil or are they both good, or both evil. I can only speak about one law, the other I had to acquire information about in 66 years only, my lifespan as and under the law of she and her. No term for man and woman is safe today only the counsel of law, is there safety.

Good is not the opposite of evil, good is the opposite of good, and evil is the opposite of evil. Being as God knowing good and evil is a warped perception, when do you know if God is good or evil and not just more than both. Good and evil needed forms to operate through, God did not need a form. God is God’s form. To explain good God is needed, to explain evil the devil is used or the tendency to describe evil you can then say God is evil too. God and the devil are not equals, so why do they get compared to each other and even pose as opposites that they are not.

The Scripture clearly defines God as God who has not changed, the same yesterday, today and forever more, and the devil as having once been an angel, in which change is notable. whose form has indeed changed. How do you change an angel into anything but an angel but in the mind to unalign or confuse the thinker.

Jude 1:6, KJV: And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. This verse is in compliance with alignment, it never changed an angel into a demon or devil. It preserved the premise of the angel being aligned with the angel.

Man’s form is still that of a man, who believes that his image and likeness is like God. Image to Image is a contrast not comparison, God cannot be compared with man, but man is compared to God for likeness which is more of a contrast because of the competitive nature involved in comparisons. It is wrong to compare anyone to another person that they cannot be, this is when likeness is the most appreciated because images can be confusing and lead to vain imaginations which must be cast down, not to exalt themselves against what can be known about God. God is not the devil, and the devil is not God, they are not interchangeable. Man is not woman, and woman is not man. Thus saith the Law. Spirit and truth, with breath and repentance, it is good, and it is very good. "It" must always be qualified. Define, and then align!

Grace and Peace

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