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SherAnne Has That's For Her 7th Book Now Called TO DO, THAT'S LOVE WORKS with Thee Blessed Mother on the cover of book.

I have been doing creative writing for over 36 years now. And I sure do have now 8 books and many other writings to have shown for that!

Of Photographs Of Work And Of That's Working And Of Holy Life Here!


SherAnne Has That's For Her 7th Book Now! TO DO, THAT'S LOVE WORKS

To Do, That's Love Works By SherAnne Shea Jubelirer was written and published last November, 2020 with PageTurner.US. Now that book is on sale for $1.40 cents in Amazon since Amazon is a re-seller.

That's a beautiful book on life and about God Almighty and how we come to Saint William's and choose to do meditations and are doing prayers before the Blessed Sacrament and receiving the sacramentals like the Sacramental Of Reconciliation and Holy Communion at Mass at the Catholic Churches in Philadelphia. The priests are sweet, wonderful and holy and they have been big influences on the Shea Jubelirer's and other disciples. Fr. Al said my book was nice! Its a lovely book, said the spanish cashier at the Spanish Store out in the neighborhood. I do think my book is that's a beautiful book.

Certain and sure things were written in that book and its how this Author might think of making a living as a writer and poet and that's of us Authors Only here, that book. SherAnne writes creative non-fiction and spiritual memoirs and devotional poetry.

Together Jeff and SherAnne have become scribes, messengers, and intellectuals and scholars and artists and philosophers doing the good works of us Authors Only.

And pretty soon, SherAnne will have another great, new book called I DO THINK LOVE, MERCY AND HOLINESS to be published with PageTurner.Us, the publisher of TO DO, THAT'S LOVE WORKS with the Blessed Mother, Mary, Most Holy on the cover of TO DO, THAT'S LOVE WORKS. As Author of I DO THINK LOVE, MERCY,

AND HOLINESS by SherAnne, I do realize that's a great accomplishment, this book. They are reflections and remembrances and of true stories and imaginations that the Author has. SherAnne writes using scores of memories and imaginations. Jay Florence, my publisher says this book will take big stage whenever published.

As Authors, we do hope our ship will come in for royalty checks one day. We do have books now in bookstores online and Jeff has that's 15 books now. SherAnne has that's 8 books real soon. Jeff has some books out in Center City at Barnes And Noble Bookstore and 11 books in Penn Library at the University Of Pennsylvania. Sherry has a book in Rutger's University Library and 1 book in Free Library and Jeff has 2 books in the Free Library. SherAnne has written like 14 books and is currently writing a new book on how we ever saw America over 40 years have past. So that's overdue now.

Except so very much more typing needs to be done for SherAnne to put together some more books that were already written.

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