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She Remained Single Till She Died (6)

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Depressed for Months

She was depressed for months and couldn't be consoled by anyone. Where she has been posted to she couldn't return there to complete what she has started.

A year after this, when she started getting herself together, then she recalled her spouse giving her an ATM card while travelling, she didn't want to receive the ATM card from him that day, but he told her in case of emergencies and she is out of Cash she can use the ATM card to withdraw money and use.

Because she was insisting that she doesn't need the ATM card she didn't put her mind to the ATM card pin numbers.

However, her spouse, Minimi dropped the ATM card in her bag telling her he will save the password or pin numbers in her email. In case what he says comes to pass she won't need to call him or if she calls him and the network is down or unreachable she will get the details of the ATM card in her email and use it and tell him when they see or the network is up and running.

She remembered seeing the pin numbers saved in her email by him tagging it, "Savings for Your Post Graduate".

She went to where the ATM card is kept, luckily it's still there and intact, it hasn't expired, she still has a whole year before it expires.

She was happy and decided to go to the ATM machine to know the amount there.

She was surprised when she got to the ATM machine to discover that her spouse has saved three thousand dollars in the account for her.

She removed the card to be sure she isn't seeing double or fake and inserted it at another point lo and behold the amount is $3,500:00 she isn't seeing double it's real.

She then bursted into another tear at the public and people were wondering what has happened to her, she didn't reply to them as she walked off the place.

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"He indeed has been preparing for my Postgraduate studies. What a Lover? And people are talking to me to look for another Lover. I will fulfill what you want for me my one and only Digiti and will die as I am to meet you in the life beyond as a chaste person whom you left me for on earth" she so·lil·o·quiz·ing as she walks off.

She remembered the last time they spent together, they have been romancing themselves and at the peak of the romance with her libido very high just as his own, but as they were about to have sexual intercourse and she remembered that she doesn't want that to happen until they have been married, she paused walked off the scene, telling him, I want this to be on our wedding night. He agreed with him and left her. She started blaming herself for not allowing it to happen that day for if it has happened she will perhaps be carrying his baby now….

Anyway, I will compensate you in death for denying you that night by not marrying nor being romantically involved with anyone again till I die, she said to herself.

Before now she has been thinking of how it will be possible for her to further her academics because her Love siblings have taken over all his properties and share them among themselves.

Withdrawing the Money

She withdrew the money saved in the account and deposited it in her account get her Post Graduate forms and continue to further.

She finished her PhD and went for Post Doctoral Research in another country.

In those places she kept seeing different people coming to her to seek for her hand of love but she kept turning them down.

She did so many Research works which were globally approved and even won Pulitzer Prize.

Nothing changed her resolution to be chaste, unmarried till death.

She died at the age of 69 years after a brief illness and was well celebrated by her students globally.

(The End)

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