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She Remained Single Till She Died (5)

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Knowing Him

At her insistence that she won't marry Femura her parents have asked her the person her mind goes with and she has mentioned the young man, Minimi. They were surprised to hear that they have been thinking she has gotten engaged to a co-contributor of the department or faculty magazine.

Since he is the one her heart goes with they have told her to bring him home for official introduction and knowing as spouse to be which she did.

They saw love in the duo's eyes when they visited the family and prayed that God will make them best friends in life.

They told him to discuss with his spouse when they will be interested in getting married.

This visiting and knowing happened after her graduation from the University.

After this incident, Digiti received a message through her project supervisor that she will be going for an exchange programme in another University where she is expected to spend a year.

She was elated to hear the news and the first person she broke the news to was her spouse, Minimi.

Minimi says it calls for celebration and takes her to Pamilerin Hub where they enjoy the moment together.

She was expected to leave the following week. Planning started in earnest as she went to the market in the company of her spouse to get things she needed for the trip.

She Left Monday Morning

They spent major hours of Sunday together, visiting places and playing together.

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The following day, which was Monday, she was seen to the park by her spouse. He was with her until her vehicle left, she couldn't hold tears from her eyes as the vehicle left.

She was thinking how she will greatly miss him, she has thought they would have time together before anything would happen alas she was mistaken.

He has been monitoring her movements as they are going till she gets to the place she was going.

They had a video call and talked at length that night before they slept off.

Death of Her Lover

Minimi has been called by one of his college friends to grace his Mother's burial. He has declined the offer because his mind does not want to travel. But he mounted pressure on him to come. After discussing with his spouse, Digiti she said he should do what he felt best.

"It's because I don't want to go that I sent money to him, all my life, my mind has not gone against traveling like this one" he told Digiti.

"If your mind is against it please don't go, you know you are the only one I have" she stressed

He agreed with her not to go.

But the pressure from colleagues kept rising as they all said they wanted to see him there.

After much persuasion he succumbed to their pressure and promised to attend.

When he told Digiti, somehow, she wasn't at ease with his traveling and she raised it, but he says there won't be a problem that she should keep praying for his safety. She reluctantly agreed.

He traveled but at the border of the town with another town their vehicle had an accident and all in the vehicle except a little child died.

The news was awash with the incident.

His body was claimed by his siblings and Digiti had to return home to bid her first and only Lover farewell.

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