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She Remained Single Till She Died (4)

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


When They Met

A week after they met again in his shop when she comes to buy something, she has used that as an excuse to leave home.

She told him what her parents have been doing which has been opened unto her, though she likes the guy but she doesn't like being his wife. She likes them to be friends as they have been friends from childhood but not to be married to him.

However, his parents and her parents have gone extra lengths working day and night ensuring that she will be married to him despite all the signals she has been showing them that she though likes him but she doesn't love him.

Her parents are of the opinion that if she can like him with time she will grow to love him also.

She has been trying her best to see if she can find an iotum of love for the guy in her heart but she hasn't found one and it has been a while they have been on this.

However, as for Minimi, she said, as from the first time she meets with him she has the deepest feeling for him which she knows is beyond ordinary friendship.

When this well of feelings developed in her, she has been brushing it aside, however as much as she tries to brush the feelings aside the more it wells up in her and grows and she has known that something will happen between them later.

The day she knows that he is single with no woman in his life, that day the feelings overwhelmed her the most and have been praying about it, trusting that if my intuition is true then you will be the one to "chat me up".

I was however thinking well you may not because of my age and if that happens it means the Great Divine hasn't ordained us to be together but it's my wishful thinking.

But lo and behold it wasn't my wishful thinking when you talked that was what made me exclaim that day.

"Oh I see".

What I want to say however is, my parents have been deep necked in the process of the guy and me coming together as one, and you will have to be patient with me if you really loved me she concludes.

"Being patient with you isn't difficult if you are sure deep within you that you won't disappoint me in the future"

Digiti sighed as he continues

"I said this because you know I am not that Young like you are. Therefore, I need to be sure of what I am doing so as not to be a fool at the end of it all, if after waiting for you, you decide to let me down, I will be one of the greatest fools around" he conclusively said.

"I understand perfectly well what you have said, and I want to give you my word that I will for no reasons break your heart in this world"


"Promise." She replied as they sealed up their romantic relationship.

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Events After

Since this sealing up, she has been visiting Minimi regularly, calling him whenever in difficulties. Minimi has always been of assistance to her in her studies supporting her financially and academically in any way he could.

In the First year she submitted her name to join the Press Club of her department and she was approved by the editorial board of the Press Club.

In her second year because of her numerous articles which readers have found educational and inspiring she has been appointed as one of the deputies of the chief editor in charge of sports.

This new post attracts some royalties by the Press Club because some of their published works are being bought by some people.

Through this tokens among others she is receiving from her Lover and others she was able to keep her academics going.

When the faculty saw how she has been of immense use to her department, the Faculty Press Team has equally enrolled her as a member thereby allowing for more inflow of money into her purse.

What her parents have thought would be difficult for her has been 75 percent resolved and the rest is being filled up by her Lover especially.

She then has no reasons to contact Femura for anything.

Femura has been told clearly by her that the relationship between them can't exceed the friendship stage.

Femura, having known this, has been looking elsewhere for another lady but his parents and Digiti's parents have been telling him that things may change, "that's how ladies used to act because they won't want to look cheap" they have told him.

Deep within Femura's heart he wants her but he knew it won't work for the lady has repeatedly told him that. He knows she isn't bluffing.

One day when Digiti visited her Lover, they have been talking about different things, what they would like to become in the future. Digiti told her spouse that she will want to become a Professor in the future.

He was elated hearing that from her, because he has equally eyed being a professor but because of sicknesses that eventually result in the death of his parents he couldn't think along that line again. He wouldn't have graduated from the college because of the death of his parents, if not for lecturers' strike which made him go to a farm to work and save to finish his academics.

After graduating, he couldn't secure a job for about 5 years. He looked inward to what he could do and discovered that her mother has a golden chain in her cupboard that was what he sold and then started this business.

Since he has started the business, he has been largely responsible for the upkeep of his siblings because he is the first child of his late parents.

Due to this he wasn't thinking of furthering his academics and he thought the dream has died a natural death.

However, with his spouse telling him it is in her mind to become a Professor he was very happy for if the dream can't be fulfilled through him if it's fulfilled through her it's great he thought.

Since then he has been calling his spouse "professor".

And has promised to give her all the support she needs to become one as long as he lives.


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