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She Remained Single Till She Died (3)

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Lockdown Totally Eased

The lockdown in the town was totally eased 3 months after the partial easing albeit with some rules to follow by all establishments.

The institution where Digiti is a student has asked all students to resume because they will soon start their second semester examinations.

They have been rounding off lectures when the pandemic broke out and they have expected their students to be studying at home having known that their lecturers were about 95% through with the semester's syllabuses.

Digiti couldn't make many demands from her parents for she knew the status of the family. All she could do was leave for campus with the meagre that the parents could give her praying that she would meet with favor on campus.

The Trader

In the meanwhile there has been a middle aged man in the neighbourhood who is a trader, he has a Chemist Shop. Different people in the neighbourhood patronise the Young Man's shop not exempting Digiti's family.

Because of the nature of his job, he is well known in the neighbourhood, many because of his age thought he is married with his wife living in another town where he lived before relocating to the town.

Digiti used to buy things from him regularly through that they became close.

He liked Digiti but he never thought of being in a romantic relationship with her.

When the lockdown was eased Digiti while going to the market to buy some of the things she will take to school branched at his place and teasingly asked him for what he will give her when returning to campus.

"Have you been asked to resume?" He asked her

"Yes sir," she replied, in fact I ought to have left before now….

"Oh! That's wonderful" he replied adding, "when do you now plan to leave?" He asks

"Tomorrow afternoon"

"Oh no. So soon? I will see what I can do before then" he replied

"Thank you sir " she said as she started walking away… his question makes her halt her movements

"Where are you off to now?" He asked

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"To the market"

"Hope you are with your facemask because there are law enforcement agencies at the market places oh"

"Oh yes, thank you sir"

"Okay don't be long" he says as she starts walking away to the junction where she will board commercial vehicle to the market

While going back to campus she visited the Young Man and he gave her some toiletries, and beverages. She profusely thanked him.

Her Mind With Him

Digiti and the Young Man called Minimi became close. Digiti whenever she is in distress before she called anyone would have called Minimi to tell him of what she is passing through. He also will offer any assistance he could to her.

After she finished her examination and at home she visited Minimi and as fate will have it that day no one interrupted their discussion. It was when they were discussing that she knows that Minimi is yet to be married. She was surprised to know this. She asked him but when people tell him to greet his spouse he joyously reply that he will do that. Why is he acting like that?

I have to do that because I know one day I will get the lady who will give me happiness and comfort.

"Okay oh" she replied.

After this discussion she becomes freer with Minimi and hopes he can be hers' forever.

While her parents were conniving with Femura's parents on how they would come together as one, her mind was with someone else, Minimi.

She has been hoping that Minimi will propose to her…. One day, a day that she didn't expect to happen, Minimi proposed to her, her joy knew no bounds by him proposing to her. All she could say after his words was exclaim.

Have you been engaged he asks when she exclaimed, she replied she hasn't been engaged…

"I asked because of your exclamation", he replied

"Different things have made me exclaim", she replied.

"Oh! I see. What could that be?" He asked.

"I will tell you about it later" she said

"What about me. What about what I have said? He asked again

"When next we see we shall talk better" she said

"Okay, and when will that be?"

"Soon, when the coast is clear because for now, I am going somewhere" she responded as she stood on her feet leaving his shop.

He was elated by her response and believes she will not disappoint him by her response, her response is different from other responses he has heard from ladies over the years. As he was thinking that he won't disappoint him, yet a voice within him cautioned him, saying what if she eventually turns around to say she isn't interested. As other voices speak within him, he still hangs on to the positive side and was hoping he hears a positive response from her whenever they meet.

Everyday of the week he keeps looking forward to the day they will meet.


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