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She Remained Single Till She Died (2)

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Working on How to Make it Happen

A week after their visit, Digiti's parents called her saying that they wanted to send her to Femura's parents to get something from there for them.

Digiti was happy that she will be going out of her compound because since the lockdown has been eased she has not been able to leave the family's compound for any reasons, now that her parents decided to send her to the family friend's house she will use that to see how the town looks like, see things in the environment other than things she has been seeing on the television and other social media.

When her parents saw her mood they were happy, thinking that she was thinking of how to meet with Femura but they didn't know that what makes her elated was very distinct from what's in their minds.

She joyously went to the place and while returning home she branched at one of her colleagues house close by the Femura's to play with her.

About two weeks after this Femura will also pay a visit to the Longus under the guise of delivering a message for her parents.

The parents have been talking behind the children's backs, but they wanted them to grow to love each other. This they know could happen if they are regularly seeing each other, this they therefore decided to do to make this work.

According to Femura's parents he hasn't bring a lady home for any reason since he has come of age. They have been stylishly talking to him about marriage that time waits for no one and he needs to work on that area, all he has been saying is when the time comes they shall know the person.

Now that he has seen someone who seems to make him happy whom they also know they need to do everything within their power to make this work for their son's happiness yea the duo happiness.

Femura indeed has deeper feelings for Digiti and he hopes she will be his'.

Digiti though likes Femura but the likeness hasn't grown deeper to the level of loving him nor settling with him till death separates them.

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Parents Intervention

Parents of Digiti have told Femura's parents to make inquiries about the relationship with their son, which they have promised to do.

One day after Femura's visit to the Longus family his father has called him to talk with him as man to man, asking him of his feelings for Digiti.

He has told him that he loved Digiti but he isn't sure if Digiti loves him.

His father asked him if he has proposed to her but he said he hasn't because he was thinking she may not be ready at that period being in her first year in the University.

His father asked him to Bell the cat, he should act like a man and propose to her, for by doing that he will give her time to ponder over him and to reply. "Nothing is as simple as it looks, everything takes a little longer" his father says. If you wait till the time she will get to final year, someone else may have approached her before then and she will tell you, you came too late. But if you say it now, even if she is not ready it won't be that you are proposing very late.

He appreciated his father's counsel and promised to make the move whenever they are together.

Digiti's parents too on their parts have been talking to their daughter they have been making her see the reason she needs a responsible man in her life, a man who can take care of her. She has been told that there is little they can do for her because of what happened to them as they will need to keep their souls and bodies together as well as make provisions for the family.

Things won't be as easy as before they have told her and they don't want her to drop out of University because of finances therefore they have resolved that the best is supporting her to get someone, a decent man, morally upright man who is financially buoyant to be romantically involved with. After all, they added, at her age, 21 years, her mother has been going out with her father they said.

He understands perfectly well what her parents are saying and has been looking for that person whom she shall give her heart to.

One day when her mother, while talking to her about a good and responsible man, made mention of Femura saying that she believed any lady who marries him would enjoy this life. She has said this to feel her pulse knowing her reaction about the Young, handsome and hardworking man, but she was shocked as Digiti was indifferent to what her mother said.


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