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She Remained Single Till She Died (1)

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Putting Thinking Caps On

After 10 years of Longus and Lingus marriage they gave birth to a child. Having waited for a decade before giving birth they wasted no time in giving birth to three other children making four children in all. They were able to train their children according to their income and most especially trained them in the way of the Lord.

Both parents work for companies, during the Pandemic which resulted in economic nosedive for their country with so many foreign companies folding up, different companies that this couple worked at also folded up.

At the time they folded up Digiti their first child and only daughter was in her first year in the University.

They want her to finish her academics but they do not know how it would be possible with what has happened to them.

Therefore, they started thinking of getting her a spouse who would be catering for her needs and whom she will get married to after graduation.

During this period, the lockdown has partially been eased but no institution has been allowed to resume by the Federal Government of their country.

Since the lockdown has been eased with partial movements from 6:00 to 18:00 Hours of the day, visitations could be done by friends and relatives.

With their eyes opened, their minds searching for a responsible Young Man from a good family they kept searching.

The Visitation

One day the family was visited by a family friend, the man visited them with his eldest son and his wife.

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They have lived together in an apartment before getting their own buildings at extreme ends of the town. Since there is a partial lockdown they decided that day to pay them a visit.

It was when they visited them that they remembered the family.

Intriguingly when they were together, the eldest son, called Femura, and Digiti, who have seen each other for long were in each other's company while their parents were together.

They spent the whole day with the family sharing different experiences, the same with Femura and Digiti.

Femura never knew Digiti would have changed like that, it has been long that they have parted ways and there has been little communication between them but they have always been good companion from their childhood days.

After Femura's graduation he was among the top ten in his set and was employed by the government of the country.

The knowledge of this makes Digiti's parents happy more so that they were seeing having joyous moments together that day.

After their visitation Longus and Lingus' subject of discussion was Femura; he is now employed and from the looks on his face he really liked their daughter.

Lingus has systematically asked Femura of his spouse when they were planning to leave the family with Femura replying that he is yet Single.

With that fact behind their minds, they resolved that Femura would be the best for her daughter.

They know the family and know that they are hardworking, decent and disciplined. Such a person they want for their daughter, a person who will be able to take care of her very well and someone with a good moral upbringing.


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