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She Has Love Me She Has Tired (Story)

Endy is a creative writer. He writes on a number of subjects. Well, he never missed the fun of writing. .

John's Derailing Comment

"One of the greatest mysteries in life is love," John said as we walked along.

Puzzled love was not anything close to what we were discussing on. I asked, "why did you say that?"

“I said that because it is what it is—I mean love,” John replied.

You are speaking in a heavenly language, John. Besides, I do not even know how we are getting into this love topic of a thing. We are here for a business walk and talk,' and suddenly it turned a love? You have been responding incoherently all along, anyway. Could it be that your mind was on something else?

Exactly, Endy. I have been having lots of inner conflicts. I thought I should not bring it up here because it would sound inappropriate. But a troubled heart does not know what is right. Does it?

No, my friend. It does not. It is good you popped it up here and now. It is okay to settle conflicts anywhere it arises—especially when it has to do with the heart. Can you tell me about it, John?


Was it love, or the mystery of life that enwrapped us here? I would rather believe that we enwraps the mystery of love.


John's Narration about Meeting Jagir

Sure, Endy. I met Jagir in 2011 during my 300 level. We were co-speakers at an event—a friend’s book dinner. The event ended, and we were about to leave. But while we take a turn to speak during the event, something fascinated me about Jagir.

She was not, particularly my kind of girl, but something in me wanted something in her. Maybe, I just wanted to be close to enable me to learn about her? Or I just wanted to be social. I do not know what exactly. I was a shy guy, I am still, anyway. As co-speakers, I felt it might be an anti-social behavior to leave the venue without saying hi to Jagir. To purge me of that potential anti-social stigma, I shyly walked up to Jagir and struck a conversation, almost peeing in my trousers.

It went that Jagir was in the mood. A familiarization conversation struck out of the need to wash me off probable anti-social led to an exchange of phone numbers.

Jagir had come from Lagos, Nigeria, and I was studying at the University of Los Angeles. Since I studies in Los Angeles and the event took place at the University of Los Angeles, I felt host to Jagir even though I was not the event convener. One of the more reasons I could not let my shyness paint me a social misfit.

During my chat with Jagir, she had told me of her intention to return to Lagos, Nigeria, the same day. That even place a more social burden on me, as I felt it. So later that day, I decided to call to know how her trip back to Nigeria went. Live on the phone was a different thing.

Asking Jagir how was your trip; turned ‘missionary task'.

Soon, Jagir was back in Los Angeles. She said she came to spend time with her sister, who happened to be studying at the University of Los Angeles at that time, too. But Jagir and I spent more time than she spent with her sister. I remember a friend catching fun of me in these words; “John, I caught you with a big fish last night around the March-on eatery. Your new catch, right?”.

Over time, one good gesture begets another. Jagir did not want to break the communication chain, neither did I, a shy John. I knew Jagir wanted something which I was not sure I want at the time. But I was always physically and emotionally available such that it appears I was so shy to let out the miraculous magic word.

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Jagir did everything in her role to help me bring out the magic word. I did not. I was sure I had no hidden magic word.

In those times, I spent all my efforts and energies; not sparing resources, trying to find love elsewhere. None of those had worked for me. After many rejections, and now feeling I need to stay home, I look around me. The only thing left was the loyalty and committed effect of Jagir. Though she is particularly not my kind of person, I felt I should reward her steadfastness. I have turned myself in emotionally, but she is so indifferent.

Endy, I now felt more than ever love is the greatest mystery.


Jagir's Apple Gift to John

As John led me through his story with Jagir, I listened attentively. I imagined a beautiful bird chasing a handsome bird that is yet chasing another fast-flying beautiful one, all impossible to catch with a love net. I imagined a situation where, perhaps, the fast-flying beautiful one, may be caught up in an abusive relationship. Or pushing a different shadow. I imagined so had that I got lost.

“Endy!” John called as he tapped me on the shoulder. “Are you here?”

“Yea John, I’m here in a distant world,” I replied.

“You have been quiet for too long that it reminded me the day Jagir bought an apple for me,” John hinted.

“Apple? Do you think Jagir buying apple for you was anything significant?”

“Oh, Endy. Please don’t tell me you don’t know these things,” John pleaded, appearing disgustingly embarrassed.

“Tell me about Apple and love. Are they related? Or does one imply the other, John?”

“Anyways, yes. But it is not whether apple implies love or not that is important. It’s what she said when handing over the apple to me that was all-important.” John replied, almost crying this time.

“John,” Jagir had called. “Since you can’t get it out, I will help you. Here you go…” She was all smiling when she did this. Her teeth were as white as snow score. Endy, it felt like an open heaven. I wish that can happen again, and someday soon. But Endy, it felt like ‘she has loved me she has tired’. That’s why I said love is one of the greatest mysteries.

Well, John, be strong. Love is a shadow running from those who run after it and running after those running away from it. In my opinion, love finds those who fade into one another during a double mid—a place in or where mid-day sun and mid-night moon merges in a mysterious occurrence. It would not happen for only a few—the rest of us had to pretend and walk along.

Anyway, how much is that deal worth?

“Oh, John, it is worth anything you are willing to let go right now,” I replied, smiling as I walked into my Helicopter.

Love Quote

For some, a beautiful door opens when they haven't even knock the window. For others, all other doors are opened except the one they want to through into the room where their perceived joy will be completed. I found it appropriate to say, "If love wasn't weird, then life is weird, And if life wasn't weird, then love is weird

— Endurance AUF Noble

© 2021 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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