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"Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn" Book Review


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

If you feel like you’ve heard the name Gillian Flynn before, that’s probably because you’ve also heard of her best-selling novel/ box theater movie Gone Girl. A psychological thriller that focuses on the disappearance of a man's wife, filled with twists and turns that kept me completely engaged.


Flynn maintains the thrill in her novel Sharp Objects. A story about Camille Preaker a woman who after her stay in a mental institution begins working as a journalist in Chicago. Preaker is reluctantly sent to her hometown Wind Gap, Mo. to investigate the serial murders of young girls in the area. Amid her investigation she finds herself falling back into her old life, dealing with her psychotic mother and spoiled however beautiful doll-like thirteen-year-old sister at their family estate. Being back with her family it begins to trigger memories of her childhood and deceased sister making her revert to original stages of mental illness, all the while trying to juggle her work in the process of emotional destruction. Family, business, and pleasure become intertwined as the murders begin to lead in directions Camille never anticipated.


Camille’s character is complex, growing up extremely sheltered alongside a dying sister took its tolls on her mental stability. She is never sure whether to love or hate herself and is constantly ending up in radicle situations, this causes her to question her ethics. Her character is captivating, due to her mental instabilities its hard to pinpoint exactly what choices she’s going to make and why based solely on her feelings at that time. I did like Camille’s character purely based on the fact she is who she is, only because of the unfortunate lifestyle she had growing up. Needless to say, her personal story goes dark, much darker than I expected. To me this is a good thing, however, does bring into question her character likability. I do not, however, have much to say on the other characters of this book, besides Camille’s mother and sister all the other side characters I found uninteresting and almost irrelevant to the progression of this story.

My Thoughts

The plot is simple and easy to follow, with some exciting twists and expected turns. Overall this isn’t the best novel I’ve ever read, with this being said I would most definitely put this book in my top 10 psychological thrillers. Just remember Flynn’s works are not for the meeker of heart, containing details of murder, self-mutilation, and rape if these are topic’s you struggle with I would not advise reading this novel.

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Sharp Objects is also in the process of becoming a TV series, and I feel the way this novel is written it will certainly become the next Big Little Lies. I look forward to watching this series as well as reading more of Flynn’s novels.

Add Sharp Objects to your book collection as well as Flynn’s other novels for the total experience. If you’d like more reviewslike this one follow my hubpage for my latest content!

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